The Perfect Alternative to the Leather or Stainless Steel Bracelet

If one hears the word “Nato Straps” in connection with watches, every watch-interested person thinks immediately to Daniel Wellington. No wonder, because they made this kind of bracelet really big. But the Nato Straps can also be found in other watch brands.

On the new releases of the Swiss watch brand Tissot, the watch world is always very tense, because this brand develops technical masterpieces, which leave nothing to be desired. This is why Tissot is one of the most successful watch manufacturers in the world. The brand is mainly known for its technical precision and is otherwise oriented towards timeless elegance according to CHRONOLOGICALWATCHES.COM. The Swiss brand, however, is presenting a collection in which the watches are equipped with the so-called “Nato Straps”. With this new design of the bracelets, the Swiss manufacturer shows once again that they are very open to new and modern styling elements and can also implement these perfectly. They even trust in special textile designs, as the design differs somewhat from the typical “Nato-Straps-Armbänder”, which we already know from other manufacturers. Tissot combines the strips with different widths and new color combinations. The Ladies’ Everytime model has, for example, a band with very fine stripes in a fresh color combination, which perfectly matches the rose gold case. The dial, on the other hand, is in a simple and classic style, so as not to distract attention from the bracelet. With the new Tissot watches they also prove that they pay attention to exclusive designs as well as the technical skills of a watch. Great design idea, as we find!