The Pencil Skirt: How to Wear?

Long eservr to lelegant veil in coat in fur and bibi, the pencil skirt has recent res seasons gradually revealed his potential fashion by adopting a look wavering between stylistic audacity, humour and contraction. Small passage in review of the different types of pencil skirts and their dress code associated with…

Showing a nature slightly pin-up, leather pencil skirt will win meet e calmer at the touch of a casual top. We don’t h sitera so not associate a mod the black alligator glistening a port gray denim shirt e roulott sleeves are, a pi that carbon split and high waist a simple sweater (or gray t-shirt a loose strand) or even a skirt e color a t-shirt bearing the image of a cartoon character (or a sweater textur tone on tone). Level shoes, we put on a pair of simple black pumps.

The pencil skirt in denim appr ciera to see l g slightly sophisticated at the touch of a shirt in silk cr me or the trio neon shirt in jeans/blazer / chic pumps.

E color pencil skirt is pr tera as she grinds exp experimentations. We can thus married an orange skirt at duo shirt chambray/tobacco pumps of working girl, a cyan blue skirt a tutti frutti look mixing red Plaid sweater, lemon yellow pop collar and shoes high blue s perch at night, a bubble gum pink chic casual of a l g re marini aura skirt slightly wide, an emerald green skirt shirt r e heating of a small sweater are cr me or even a yellow chick skirt duo pumps immacul s/large black t-shirt and white (do pot in the skirt).

Selected black, lace pencil skirt will accommodate without difficulty a t-shirt l g slightly translucent. For its pastel counterpart marries brilliantly to the mix fantasy/shirt boutonn cropped sweater top/shoes Polish glide re.

Far cantonne to the dancefloors of the bo your night branch are, the pencil skirt glitter can also be worn day, condition to erase its disco dimension by playing the card of the girly nonchalance. She will opt for this for a funky message t-shirt, a grey sweatshirt or a perfecto port in a cape over the shoulders.

In order to highlight his reasons and not to overload the whole look, the skirt printed will be accompanied as she of a monochrome body, a shirt or a sweatshirt United.

Finally, we note that in mati re pencil skirt fashion pouch bag is highly recommended, the top cropped only letting d only a thin surface of skin are pl bisciter, a touch of humor is always welcome, that flat shoes are usually avoid, that midi length is address with a maximum of pr bail and that more such skirt will be sophisticated e Plus you’ll play it “simple” on the rest of the look (and vice versa)…