The Other Side of the Fishing

Product of the climatic factors and flows above of the limits, cancel a very desired and planned departure to the payments of the Uruguay. These things produce bad mood, and at least one shooting seeks to make to get that anger…

It was thus that we decided to go out at 4 am with Sergio Andres Wambold and Pablo Marzoratti to take away the mufa. We already knew that it was going to be fresh, with drizzle likely and that the previous days had fallen hit temperatures on all sides according to ALLTIMEFISHING.COM.

Even with this against, we went towards the border with Entre Rios. We started to look at the map and decided to get us to those places that only come from afar and require hiking, bugs, punctures of thorns, falls and other contact… but again the anger was more strong.
We decided to get into land few crushed but the slap arrived soon and warned us that it was going to be a hard day. Places that should be filled with our fighting taruchas, arms of rivers that bring chafalotes and small Golden, all those who live an ideal scenario, but… weren’t.
We use average lure water, surface, below, above, spoons and they just saved us the infallible HAVOC of Berkley Argentina. Actually we few pieces, none of considerable size, very tired… but so is this.
The fisheries are not only photos or videos of fish jumping, are also moments, experiences, experiences, landscapes, moments with friends who obviously if fishing… better. And remember, as either a single copy… sueltenlo.