The North Face Twin Peaks

How to Change a Cool Autumn Evening in Warmth

October is still suitable for camping. Admittedly, the evenings can be a bit cool, but my girlfriend and I have researched the accessory that will change the air too fresh in your tent tropical climate:

Basically, it looks like a classic sleeping bag. Obviously, this is quite bigger but it still holds in a bike bag without too many problems. The perfect companion for a couple on bicycle camping, in fact. Down is about twice as wide as a car, and has a zipper on each side. This is especially useful to get into the duvet cover without his or her kicks partner, or for a night out without waking anyone.

In terms of kicking, the previous sentence is exaggerated: the size of the bag is such that there is enough space to live together in peace … and maybe more. In fact, the dimensions are really ideal: it’s quite adjusted to hot, be comfortable insulated from the external freshness, and that is close to the person with whom you sleep. At the same time, it is spacious enough for everyone to sleep comfortably without disturbing the other. And above all, that is one over the other, one on one, or in any other way, it feels comfortable. Finally, of course, it depends heavily on the partner …

For better insulation during the night, Twin Peaks is also equipped with a kind of “plug” for bridging the gap between the two necks protruding from the bag. It keeps maximum warmth inside. But it must be confessed, as three seasons of four you warm enough in the bag to sleep comfortably, especially during the mating season, or the antics of the long autumn evenings, you’ll probably have a little too hot, and will glad to be able to open the bag wide to continue these healthy activities in better conditions.

Spend a few technical details. Yes, it is quite possible, closed zippers, to have a person lying, and another on all fours, in Twin Peaks. No, neither Andromache, or the missionary need to open the zippers. By cons, if you want to do things in the back of your partner, according to thembaprograms, then you should instead use the sleeping bag as a cape as Zorro riding Tornado. (Clearly, for the greyhound, will open the bag, it will be more convenient.)

In short, to become one, nothing like a double sleeping bag.