The Night Light

Lighting tips for children’s room (part II)

The night light must be used to keep the children’s room with a soft glow that won’t disturb the sleep of the child.

What Are The Benefits Of Night Light?

Comfort to children who are afraid of the dark;

Help parents see their babies without bothering them;

Allows kids (or parents) find that toy that brings security, even if it’s late at night;

Illuminates important places for parents, for example, the table to change diapers.

About This, We Have Two Important Points:

Easy go back to sleep:
Some children have a huge fear of darkness of the night. When they wake up during sleep has difficulty going back to sleep, either by having a very bright light in your room (which activates your brain to be alert), or as mentioned, afraid of being in total darkness. So a proper lamp will bring a huge benefit.This applies both to the child and the parents, who need to go back to sleep.

Be able to see at night:
Imagine you enter that room totally dark and pisa that blessed lego on the floor and you could not see? Impossible will hold the scream! We agree that this is not the best way to wake up your little one (or your family).

What Color Is Ideal For Night Lighting?

-Speaking of children’s room, as already mentioned, we seek a quiet and safe environment. And in that sense, very wrong who think that blue light or even white are ideal. Studies suggest exactly the opposite: blue light is stimulating attention and reaction.
The best colors in this case lights are red and orange. Experts believe that it is a color that can result in a better sleep. It is believed that the only colored light that a baby would have seen in the uterus is the color red, like when we close our eyes under any external light.

How Do I Know If My Child’s Room Lighting Is Adequate?

It’s hard to find a worse situation than face a bad tempered child who has not had enough sleep to rest. So here’s a tip on how to check if your child room lighting is suitable:
1) wait for nightfall and turn on the lights of the room;

2) put your head around where your son’s head would be when you were sleeping;

3) turn your head towards the night light;

4) If you can see through your eyelids, clearly the Nightlight brightness is because she’s strong enough to interfere with your child’s sleep.

After these amazing tips, how about thinking about a project for your child’s room?

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