The New SLR From Sony

Between the 33 Alpha and Alpha 55, the Alpha SLT – A35 offers a trade-off between performance and price.

In the series of SLR cameras at Sony semi-transparent mirror, here is a new entry-level device, the Alpha SLT-35. It builds on its predecessor, the Alpha 33, format and aesthetic, but includes the technical elements of his brother Alpha 55: 16 Mpix sensor and a very powerful image processing CPU burst.

The New SLR From Sony 1


If far Sony SLRs were called “Alpha xxx“, it should be noted, for some models, the addition of three letters: SLT for Single Lens Translucent (camera), a 1990s technology, which uses a semi-transparent mirror instead of the traditional mirror. The mirror gets more up, he let the light (intensity however is somewhat attenuated) the sensor while reflecting it upward.

The transmitted light signal to the eye is too low for an optical viewfinder, it is a CCD camera which makes the image on a LCD display for aiming and the optical viewfinder became electronic. A sight which has some advantages (in low light the signal is amplified and aiming is 100%) weighted by certain disadvantages

The New SLR From Sony 2


No removable screen, a simplified and less qualitative bodywork, a burst speed less than that of the Alpha A55: the new Alpha SLT – A35 has all the luxurious trappings of its big brother. But the fundamentals are there, with an evolution of the sensor (which would be the same as those of the excellent D7000 from Nikon and Pentax K-5) that worked wonders in low lights.

And side burst, if it does not reach the 10 frames per second, the 5.5 fps are already above what can propose Canon and Nikon in this range – the unit can go up to 7 fps but in a lower definition.

Sony Alpha SLT-A35


The advantage of IM technology in video is the development automatic very fast compared to traditional SLRs. The notorious drawback is that the sensor heats up a lot. Here Sony saw electric consumption and guarantees to be able to turn clips from 11 to 15 minutes according to the outdoor temperature.

Consumer camera, this 35 Alpha logically receives the creative modes that the brand has implemented in its latest compact with interchangeable optics, the NEX-C3. And like all recent brand devices, the Alpha SLT-A35 captures 3D images and realized by sweeping panoramas.

The New SLR From Sony 3

Last argument of weight for this device: the price. 600 naked euros, 700 euros with the optics base (18-55 mm F3.5 – 5.6) and 900 euros with the perspective of basic and a telephoto of entry level (55-200 mm F4 – 5.6), Sony offers once again a ‘reflex’ to report price/features more attractive than the entry level of Canon and Nikon.