The New iPhone Will Be 4 G LTE

Expectations: Sources in the industry tells us that Apple’s next iPhone will support 4 g LTE in Europe among others.

The next iPhone, referred to as the iPhone 5, will work on the fastest mobile networks all over the world, including the United States, Europe and Asia, sources familiar with the case tells. It writes our site.

iPhone 5 will not necessarily be able to take advantage of 4 g LTE with all operators, since the networks in the various regions and countries, are not equal.

According to analyst John Byrne from International Data Corp., there are currently 36 LTE editions around the world, while there are only 22 variants of 3 g.

Something suggestive of a broader approach to 4 g LTE than it was on the new iPad, which was introduced in March. This can only exploit technology at Verizon Wireless and AT & T in the United States, as well as with Bell Canada, Rogers Communications Inc. and Telus Corp., also in Canada.

Our site follows the launch of the next iPhone close. Apple holds News Conference on Wednesday, 12. September 2012 at 19, after which the real facts will fall into place.