The Most Beautiful Models of Straw Hats to Put on The Beach!

The straw hats are back in fashion, depopulated in the beaches in the roaring seventies and are now in fashion at the beach again but also for getting around, protect themselves from the heat is very useful throughout the day! The straw hat is beloved by women, raise your hand if you did not at least one to show off at the beach, in bikini or vacation? I always carry it to the sea and I have to admit that I wear while on vacation, I like to be a tourist in the wearing tips!

Straw hats Lanvin

Eugenia Kim is a true guru when it comes to hats, this I will show you one that I think is one of the nicer ones in the new collection, but search it on the web, you will find many other absolutely fantastic models. Today’s hat is called Gabriella is made of straw ivory with frayed edges and it will be your only 313,00 euro.

Straw hats Melissa Odabash

The hat proposed by Melissa Odabash is one of my favorites, is simple and chic and has some stones in decorative turquoise color that blends beautifully with the golden yellow straw. I’m there doing a little thought seriously also because the price is only 100,00 EUR.

Straw hats and celebrities!

Even celebrities love the straw hat and the nice thing is that they are not just women succumbing to the allure of this accessory (as you may think) but also boys who are having fun with their hats, strictly short-pitched! A great lover of hats is Brad Pitt but I’m sure that even the Mad Hatter Johnny Depp has several in her collection! You may be of interest: Women’s hats fashion, sports and elegant piece suits and hats paired Wedding William and Kate: all with hat etiquette wool caps: the models most fashionable