The Most Beautiful Fluffy Jacket of All Time

After a few weeks there in São Paulo ice-cold, I was a believer that going back to SanFran and get a few days of Californian verãozinho.LEDO mistake. The fog come without giving truce doing days of blue sky won a breath of wind that forces us to leave the short shorts in the drawer and take a jacket in the bag.

Good news is I got back from Brazil bringing in a bag of hoodies more cool and delicious of all time. You remember Adriana Meira? My fellow talented she starred in the first post of the new Achadões. Because the girl was a cup of coffee with me so we can catch up and brought me this baby fuzzy.

In addition to fuzzy and deliciously warm, he has this WONDERFUL Peacock on the back. All made by hand. The face of the Dri.

Well, needless to say that not only I have used the following day to keep me warm on the long flight that brought me back, but I feel it again today to enjoy a lively Friday and without concern for the cold.

As the idea was to make the coat shine, look underneath was basic: flare jeans and striped t-shirt.

In fact, it is worth mentioning that this work also came in the suitcase. Bought in Renner (here, R$49,90) and I loved the colors, the quality of material and trim.