The Modern French Nail

The Francesinhas have already become a fever among the women. Then you should be asking what we can bring to you in this matter. Today we will introduce you to the modern French nail.

This new trend has escaped that basic French where only white predominates, the neon colors are now coming out with everything in this new process.

Francesinhas showy, with bold colors and seductive, that will animate and give a totally different guy when your visual.

You can match the color of your clothes with the color of your French, or accessory with the color of the enamel. Don’t be shy in using green, yellow, blue, pumpkins, black among other strong colors, that are the main of this new look.

So you’re on your schedule note manicure this new wave of francesinhas and prepare to answer the request of customers. And you my friend who wants to be always in fashion, don’t forget to ask for the modern francesinhas, an innovation to make you even more beautiful!

The process is simple and nothing out of the ordinary, just you do two fillets of colors unlike one in traditional French only uses a! The colors you already know how much more colourful best and to give a special touch to combine with your clothes or jewelry. A good thing is, for example, use a golden thread on the end followed by a yellow thread to give an air of greater elegance at a graduation party, for example.

Now that you know how to do the nail modern French combine, mix test, I bet you will find combinations that will make you even more beautiful!