The Media Writes about Mobile Today-Tuesday

OVERVIEW: New connections make iPhone accessories useless, Nokia has the still hard-and so use more Danes Telenor. Samsung has released a promo video, there can no longer be seen. Here is Tuesday’s overview.

Denmark is in the world’s elite when it comes to wireless and mobile internet, we wrote Monday, there also was a day of many updates.

Brightness-the update of the Galaxy S III reached wide out in Denmark, public meant that owners of the HTC Desire HD don’t get Jelly Bean, and so went thererumors about Android 4.1 to Galaxy S II and III already in august.

On the more quaint front we found that King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden, has presented an iPhone app, despite the fact he does not even have such a smartphone.

And now for Tuesday’s morning overview.

Apple changes the bottom connector of the iPhone and make accessories useless

A possibly upcoming new iPhone will have a different bottom connectors, than what we have previously seen on the iPhone and iPad.

According to our site will be 30-pin port for a 19-pin connector, giving space to the headset connector on the bottom, next to it.

With a magic wand will all the current accessory equipment for the iPhone inoperable.

Apple, however, has neither confirmed the existence of a new iPhone, or changes in the relations.

Negative Outlook for Nokia

Creditworthiness of Nokia is in the bottom, writes our site Finance.

Moody’s, which assesses the creditworthiness, has lowered its rating of Nokia two steps. Thus goes mobile manufacturer from “Ba1” to “Ba3”.

The negative Outlook comes after a spring with declining stock prices, large operating deficits in the latest accounts, and relatively poor sales of Lumia-phones.

Samsung has released the promo video for Galaxy Note 10.1

Tablet device Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 with the stylus is not yet on sale, but it does not prevent Samsung from tease for the product.

In a 30-second spot far on YouTube, presented the product. Subsequently, however, the video is no longer available, writes our site.

Back in February, our site at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona a first-hand impression of Note 10.1 as you can see here.

More customers to Telenor

Telenor has gotten 34,000 new customers in this year’s second quarter, writes telecommunications company in a press release.

In total, the company has 2,020,000 customers.

Managing Director of our site Denmark, Jon Erik Haug, expresses its satisfaction with the outcome, and are optimistic for the rest of the 2012.

Lumia-mobiles with Windows Phone 8 must be sold exclusively

Nokia is still struggling to get back into buyers ‘ awareness, and with the introduction of Windows Phone 8 as well as new Lumia-models, meaning perhaps a new sales method for the ailing mobile manufacturer.

Nokia will no longer send as many mobiles as possible on the market via all sales channels. Instead, there are, according to the Financial Times talks with various European telecom operators.

Sales strategy is reminiscent of the Apple garden in connection with the introduction of the iPhone.

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