The Many Lingerie Appearances of: Carrie

Continuing the subject of the end of the week… We talk about the success of Norminha’s novel 8, we saw examples of how to show lingerie without doing perigueti. But I could not stop talking about one of the most iconic characters on TV when it comes to lingerie from the outside: our dear Carrie Bradshaw. Guys, you have no idea how many pictures I found. Apparently, it’s strange for her to leave the lingerie hidden.

I chose some pictures to show you. I love all those pictures down there. There’s only the catch appearing in casual looks. It is worth remembering that it is okay to see the top, but it has to be cute. Beige bra popping up may seem sloppy. In the 3rd and 4th photo the whole bra is showing up. One outfit is relaxed(adding color for simple production) and the other an evening outfit with transparency and shine. Have you seen how in the latter case the tie and the hair stuck break the excessive sensuality?

Now the most controversial looks. At first the dress is very transparent, leaves the panties and bra. In fashion, it’s really hard to talk about “right” and “wrong,” but this is definitely not an easy production to handle. And in my opinion, that way it did not roll. The character of Sara Jessica Parker is known for being ultra-fashionista, with a very exaggerated look, see more at However, in this second photo, the cabelon, fair and transparent owl, short skirt, fluttering sleeve, gold belt and lingerie appearing, all at the same time, was too much. The idea might even be shocking, but the result is polluted and exaggerated. In the last image, the big problem is the template chosen to appear. Did you notice how her bust looks down?