The Man’s Shirt

Perhaps the head of the most common clothing to all the male wardrobe and now even to those women … if indeed you could choose a few basic elements in the look of each girl or woman, this would be part of!

The blue shirt, that our father used to go to work, or for an outfit a little ‘more elegant, has always fascinated us for a simple reason, because the female version does not exist! The women’s shirts, in fact, always have a few more details, and apart from the ‘ chambray ‘ which are very minimal, all that concerns the Women shirts always leaves us a bit ‘perplexed.

For this shirt with mannish he has always attracted the attention of us women from different generations: how many times you have been tempted, or you did it without hesitation, to steal a shirt from the closet of your father, your brother or your him? The latter, for a series of romantic reasons, is the favorite victim!

And let’s face it, the men’s shirt worn by a woman is very feminine and very chic! So why not make it a fundamental part of our wardrobe for the summer?

How to wear it. Ideas and suggestions

The blue shirt for men has the great advantage of being very versatile. It can be worn in different ways and in any season. Also, do not forget that it is very convenient, for obvious reasons of size …

Cutting or masculine style give a shape and the lines of this piece of clothing that make it unique, especially when worn in ‘ unconventional ‘.