The Jewelry is the Perfect Element to Give Confidence to Women

Patricia D’orey is formed in hospitality but their passions are painting and jewelry. In 2013, the painter launched your own brand of jewelry. The Ca ‘ dore bet on modern pieces that can combine with each other with a lot of style. In addition to the collections launched regularly, it is still possible to order special pieces with the signature of this brand 100%.

What inspires you?

I’m a painter and I love what I do, so the inspiration to create new jewelry comes above all from this area. In addition, I travel whenever possible, so inspired me in my travels around the world, by symbolism and by the elements of nature, like the leaves, the Moon, the star and the clovers and by animals, such as swallows, butterflies, bees, snakes and ants.

What kind of jewelry do you like?

I don’t have a preferred type. They all end up having some me and the way I see the world because the process of creating assumes days (or even months) of dedication, since the key moment of inspiration and initial design, to production and final result.

What are the stones that most like to work?

All the stones I use are special and have meaning. I try to work and improve my aesthetic sense every day–also for being a painter-and I always try to choose the stones and colors that best match that particular piece. The stones that more use are zircónias, Topaz, rubelitas, agates and tourmaline, which combined with silver form possible use and elegant pieces in very different circumstances.

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Modern, contemporary and sophisticated parts, but are simultaneously accessible. Some pieces, like the necklaces have a constant throughout the year, but there are others that vary according to the season. The bracelets, for example, are used in summer.

The parts we use today and that reflect very different preferences of those that had our mothers?

In the old days it was common for the purchase of pieces with a very high price, which, of course, limited the number of jewels that each woman could acquire. The pace of cosmopolitan life and the changes in fashions and trends have caused more and more women (and men too) look modern parts and you can combine the quality at an affordable price. We want more variety, less sympathetic, but never neglecting the materials and longevity of parts.

There are jewelry for every occasion?

Of course Yes. At Ca ‘ dore I always try to work the parts according to the individual needs of each client, in terms of both personal taste as the occasion for which it is intended. I also do some custom jewelry, as the engagement rings, or others in which I include the stones of the customers or elements that have a personal meaning. In addition, the Ca ‘ dore has several possible parts to personalize with names, symbols or special dates, through recording or shiny.

How the jewels make a difference in the image of a woman?

Are the perfect element to give confidence to women. In addition to being visually attractive, symbolize femininity and sophistication that any woman likes to be associated with. In addition, the jewels are often used to perpetuate the most important moments of life of women, as the proposal, a special anniversary or the birth of a child.

Points of sale:

Port: La Place Concept–Rua do Faial, 40

Lisbon: Our Concept-Rua das Topsails, 14, Chiado and LBP museum Concept in Portuguese Communications Foundation

Braga: Largo do Jardim de Santa Bárbara

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