The iPad Replaces Scores on Paper

Apple’s iPad will now also be tool in music education at, among other things, vesthimmerland Culture school.

Students at vesthimmerland Culture school after the summer break will be with new teaching methods, where in amongst the fingerings on the piano recorded on video and paperless nodes will be included.

The school has bought 30 iPads, there must be an active part of the teaching of example drums, guitar and interaction. It writes our site.

-“The development on all fronts is a step in the technological direction. And many of our students find and hear the music on the Web, “said Malene B Wennerlin, Deputy Manager at West himmerlands Culture School of the new tool.

According to Malene B Wennerlin meetings teachers so that students in their world, and creates new opportunities to communicate, inspire and motivate students.

Vesthimmerland Culture school is among the first to make use of iPads in music education.