The Humble Bundle Application Will Be Temporarily Removed from Google Play

Popular website of sale of packs of Humble Bundle games has announced a few hours ago that removing your official application of Google Play. This is because that the developers intend to introduce a number of new features to your application, so this cannot be posted in the Android store.

Users who already have the application installed on their phones You can continue with normal, Although they will no longer receive any update until its successor, which you can download in due time directly from your website, is finally online.

Once out of Google Play, the current implementation of Humble Bundle It can be downloaded e installation directly from your web page, by what will not have any problem to be able to continue to enjoy as usual of the games that we have in our accounts.

Even so, from Humble Bundle remind us that all the games that we have acquired they can be downloaded and installed manually on our Android without the need for any application, since their APK without DRM are accessible from the web.