The History of the Leather Jacket

Since the 50’s to today, leather spans the years and knows how to reinvent itself each season to stay trendy accessory. Versatile, it fits both a sleek, contemporary, urban or trend. Moreover it is a living material, which like wine, gets better with time to blend completely with your image.

Major advantage of the dressing of the man and woman together discover the iconic models of leather that have marked the history.

The history of Jacket

The perfecto is the piece that balances boldness and elegance, and for asserting both a style rock that sharper. In 1928, the company Schott USA is headed by Irving Schott, its founder. He then receives an order, the famous dealer Harley Davidson. The latter asked him to design a jacket that protects the motorcycle falls. Uniform biker, he was named after the favorite Cuban cigars from its creator. Formerly made of horse leather, it is now mainly made lamb or calf. It was not until 1950 that the iconic leather jacket is acclaimed by the influence of stars like Marlon Brando in The Wild One.

On the other side of the Atlantic, the press revels in this phenomenon it was soon dubbed the ” black jackets ” following clashes between two rival gangs in Paris. This designation quickly takes the place of a synonym for “young thugs”. People coming from the middle, they were often contrasted in various events with the “golden jackets,” son of middle-class families.

In 2005, the famous top Kate Moss stands out of the tabloids with her boyfriend of the time, the rocker Pete Doherty , for their nocturnal escapades. In one of every magazine scandal, the couple appears slim and loose t-shirt, and always with a jacket on the back. Muse over a renowned designer, Kate relaunches perf in top notoriety. First picked up by major public brands such as Zadig & Voltaire, Carroll, Ba & sh or IKKS, the black jacket  will eventually also conquer the catwalks of Yves Saint Laurent, Balenciaga and even the very conservative and prestigious Chanel.

The aviator

The story of aviator

Created in 1927, the  bomber jacket A1 is the first air sports equipment specifically for the US armed forces. The zipper does not yet exist, this model is therefore closed with buttons for the main opening and the cervix. It was designed in lamb leather and lined with cotton to make it hot. Additionally, finishes rib prevented air to rush into the jacket because, remember, at that time the planes were not equipped cockpit.

In the 80s, the brand Chevignon invites the aviator jacket in the dressing men by developing an artificial aging process that popularized this model in France. In 2001, this model was popularized, even across the Atlantic, thanks to a Hollywood blockbuster Pearl Harbor.

Created between 1940 and 1947 G2 jacket is equivalent to the A1. However, it is intended for use by the United States Navy and has a removable collar genuine sheepskin fur. In 1986, this iconic jacket was largely popularized by the movie Top Gun. The charismatic Tom Cruise is propelled to the rank of sex- symbol; adored by women, and model for men who snapped his bomber jacket with multiple patches.


Legend has it that during the 39-45 landings the lining of jackets has been printed from the landing paratroopers. Thus, in case of water landing, men could find their way quickly.

the Bombardier

The history of Bomber jacket

Associated with the image of the military of World War II, the bomber jackets were reinvented by ezhoushan in various cuts and materials become essential in today’s winter wardrobe. The bomber is made from a turned sheepskin. It was used for pilots and US bombers during World War II, where today the name of Bombardier Inc. r; he held.

Once exclusively reserved for men, the leather bomber is a model trend echoed by many fashion houses including Burberry Prorsum who was able to adapt to urban life constraints the twenty-first century.

How to wear?

For women, avoid the total military look and build on the offset. It is associated with a wool dress and boots. For a more chic style, combine this leather jacket with a high waist shorts, opaque tights, a top sailor and fur boots compensated. In the evening, a mini-fitting dress or pencil skirt will give a glam touch ‘and the sexy jacket.

For men, it is a sleek and well-cut pieces. The idea? Recall the bomber vintage Schott , a guarantee of expertise and quality.

The biker jacket

The history of the biker jacket

Lorsqu’Irving Schott created the first  biker jacket , who would have thought that his legendary piece would influence generations and become a focal point in urban dressing?

Since the 50s, leather is widely associated with the world of motorcycles with two legendary films where the main characters posed on their Harleys: The Wild One, 1953 or even James Dean in Rebel Without a Cause, 1955. Jean- Olivier Letard, artistic director of Chevignon says “They are young and beautiful, is likely to speed, not afraid of anything, rush towards the unknown … in addition, when details of their outfits, especially those Steve McQueen in the city as on the screen, we see he dressed in a fairly conventional way, always modern and never too much. Any man could easily imagine slipping into his clothes.”

Democratized now, no need to be accompanied by an iron frame or being a gangster to carry the iconic leather jacket. This noble material has conquered urban dressing rooms for men and women. It is found on the back of fashionistas in fine and colorful skins, among the business man or working girl in wiser cuts and more sober tones; Briefly, the biker jacket has not finished talking to him.