The Garmin VÍVomote Does Not Look Like a Quantifying Bracelet

Quantifier bracelet manufacturers are trying to offer ever more ambitious products. It happened with the Fitbit Blazethat cheated by its appearance, or Withings Activité Pop, which brought certain options from a quantifier to a device that looked like a normal clock.

That is the path that Garmin has also taken with his Víomomote, a clock with certain functions of quantification that does not intend to compete with solutions more powerful in the field of smartwatches but that fulfills an interesting task: that of not seeming a Personal quantifier, but offer that option elegantly according to vintagesfinder.

A Watch That Is More Than Just A Watch

The Garmin Vívomote family is characterized by an analog clock that, as we say, monitors our physical activity in an almost invisible way. That is evident in his battery, which lasts a whole year, a number unthinkable in smart watches and even in many “pure” quantifier bracelets.
We also have a water resistance of up to 50 meters deep, and one of its clear advantages is not to disguise yourself of something that is not, something that allows you to have a remarkable design. It has boxes in golden pink (how not), stainless steel and gold, and also find a series of sensors to monitor our steps and our dream.
Although we do not have a heart rate sensor, in the Viphone you can continue to maintain that connection with iOS devices, Android and Windows Phonethrough the Garmin mobile application for these platforms. The prices range from 150 to 300 dollars, to which must be added the cost of the bracelets.