The Galaxy J5 Cases

The Galaxy J5 is an intermediate cell phone from Samsung that stands out for the good camera and the reasonable price. If you have a J5, you’ve probably thought about buying a hood for your smartphone. Like any phone, the device is vulnerable without extra protection, which causes scratches and even breaks, after some time of use.

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In addition, the cases also allow you to personalize the cell phone, choosing the one that best suits your style. To avoid further damage to the phone and leave it with your face, TechTudo has selected seven models of protective covers for the  Galaxy J5, all sold in Brazil.

  1. Wallet Cover

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Practical, the wallet covers are great for anyone who wants to leave home without loading many objects. The model above is Crazy Horse, which features a magnetic clasp and horizontal support function. The case is made of synthetic leather and has two credit card openings inside, as well as a pocket for money. It is available in various colors and has an average price of $ 60.

  1. Transparent With Drawings

Transparent covers with designs are a good way to add beauty to the Galaxy J5 without interfering too much in its design. The ones presented here are manufactured by OEM and customized in Brazil, where they are found for about $ 40. There are wide variety of designs for the hoods, made of TPU, such as hearts, flowers and pets.

  1. Artistic

The production form of this model is the same as the previous one. Made of TPU by OEM, the hood arrives here and is customized with exclusive prints, being sold in the range of $ 40. However, this version is for those who want to completely change the look of the Galaxy J5, covering the smartphone with artistic prints And flashy. The two covers shown in the picture are found in the main national retail stores.

  1. Waterproof

If you want to dive with your Galaxy J5, a good outlet is the underbody waterproof case. It can withstand depths of up to 1.5 meters, besides protecting the cell phone against dust and sand. The cover can be purchased alone, with an average price of $ 25, or in a kit that comes with protective film, whose total value is around $ 45.

  1. Brushed Texture

Verus has a wide variety of covers for the Galaxy J5. One of them is Neo Hybrida, which, as the name implies, is manufactured with two different materials: TPU and polycarbonate. It brings a texturizing imitation brushed steel and is available in black, oil blue, gold, red, pink, white, moss green, lime green and silver. The product can be purchased for $ 25.

  1. High Impact Absorption

The anti-impact cover of Motomo brings a sober and sturdy look. It is ideal for anyone who wants to offer extra protection to the Galaxy J5 without paying expensive for it.The model has two protective layers, the inner one being made of soft rubber and the external hard acrylic. Found in the range of $ 30, the case is available in white and black.

  1. Clamp

The Underbody Armband is designed for those who run, walk and practice sports in general. The accessory holds the Galaxy J5 perfectly and adapts to different arm sizes, thanks to the intelligent adjustment. The cover is made of neoprene, polyester and polyethylene, and the materials have anti-odor characteristics. Its average cost is $ 30.