The Forest in a Room: a Chandelier and Shadow

L ‘shadow is the dark area projected on a surface of a body that, interposed between the same surface and a light source, prevents the passage of light.

From always fundamental in the art, after Chinese shadows, Caravaggio and the contemporaryMario Martinelli, now Hilden and Diaz compete in creating a network of really emotional shadows.

Forms in Nature is a chandelier that casts shadows of 360-degree trees on the walls transforming the room into a fairytale landscape with chandelier light fixture on
Inspired by the drawings of biologist and German naturalist Ernst Haeckel , the Danish-Argentine duo of designers Thyra Hilden and Pio Diaz created an intricate bundle of tangled roots, bushes and branches of trees.

Have combined two worlds: the beauty of nature and the comfort of indoors. Im-perfect blend of wild and domestic, this strange object gives the alienating feeling of sleeping in a house on a tree. Hilden & Diaz talk about their work thus: “The shadows engulf the room and transforms the walls into unruly shadows of branches, bushes, trees and gnarled. Mirrorings are thrown out upon the walls and ceilings and weak Provide Rorschach-like hints of faces, life and flow of consciousness.”