The Favourite Bags of Employees: Claudia and Her Suri Frey

At my next stop I imagine one of the newest members of the bag department store family you. She also could not resist naturally shoulder bags, bags and much more long the temptation of the huge selection of handbags. In the case it has done her a shopper.

Claudia works as marketing and PR Manager. It is responsible for the social media channels and carries the editorial direction of the blog. Along the way, she is one of several gears in campaign planning and – implementation and takes care of various cooperations. While browsing them regularly in the shop and had discovered quickly also a bag for yourself…

Why did you choose for this bag?

It’s hard to describe. Either it fits or not. I likes shoppers generally very much because they are extremely practical and yet fashionable. I like always rather simple clear design without frills, but still with that certain something. Also: just always go beige tones. And even the small removable pouch, already cool. And: it is a reversible bags. You get two looks with a bag.

When you take this bag?

For me, this is just an everyday bag. She has just the right size for the way to the Office, and when time shopping in the way, there’s still the shoulder strap to the reassignment. I’m anyways more pragmatic. If a bag I like, I buy it and then also wear it until it falls apart or I new fall in love.

What is always in your Pocket?

Usually, I can leave the country spontaneously with my bag… Jokes aside. Wallet, keys, cell phone, lip balm, perfume and sunglasses are important. Things that (should) accumulate and be dispelled regularly times tend to be everything else.

What do you particularly like about your Pocket?

I think the mix of materials and the rustic handle. Totally stupid actually, but I like the combination of fine and clear design and then but also strong and down-to-Earth details. The small removable bag is of course also a cool detail. Especially for things that we want to go, it is optimal.

How many bags do you have in total at home?

Oh God… a lot. However, I must say that most are self made or passed down from my grandma. I am currently only a small selection of different sizes and if then one breaks down or the next fashion trend caught me, then exchanged and the rest comes in the closet or passed on to friends or family. Just because I no longer wear them, that doesn’t mean that you can make someone else joy. However, I have the fear that my bag consumption will increase in the next few months

Yes, it is. We offer also bags for every age. So have fun with the next fashion trend. What should be the perfect bag for this season for you?