The Fabric Cellphone Cover

Check out the step by step to make a beautiful mobile phone case in fabric.

The mobile covers are mandatory article when the subject is charm and protection. At the same time, the demand for this accessory increases and prices rise, making some weeds cost absurd.

Interested ?! Then check out how to make your:


– Parana Paper-Cardboard
Kraft Paper
– White Glue
– Foam Roller
– Printed Fabric
– Silicone Spatula
– Elastic

Step By Step:

– As each cell has a size, the measurements will be different for each model
– In this case, the device measures 12.5 × 6.6cm
– The paper parana will have the following measures: external = 13,2 × 7,3 and internal = 12.7 × 6.8
– The paperboard shall be divided into two parts, one of 12.7 × 6.8 and one of 7 × 6.8 (cut diagonally)
– The two outer parts shall be joined with paper Kraft, leaving a 2.2 cm hood
– Cut the fabrics:
– Choose 02 prints, and cut leaving a margin of approximately 1.5cm
– In an internal part, leave margin of 3.5cm to cover the hood
– Spread glue with the help of A brush and remove the excess with foam roll
– Position on the fabric
– Smooth with the hands to the fabric to adhere, then pass the silicone spatula to remove possible bubbles of air
– Cut the tips with the help of the hair and paste the Edges of the fabric, always beginning with the larger sides
– In the pieces of cardboard paper, glue only a part of the fabric, pa Cardboard and money card mounting
– Position 02 strips of elastic in the cellular base and 01 strip in the outer base for the closing
– Paste behind the piece with white glue, put crepe tape to secure it better.
– Glue and secure with crepe tape.