The “Eye” of Kenzo Hoodie

If Isabel Marant was long the Queen e incontest of cool Paris, it is now the turn of Carol Lim and of Mr. Leon to dictate their r rules at mati re must have hype.Latest example: the famous hoodie “eye” designed by the duo, who does not turn the t you fashionistas…

Difficult in the world of pr-t – wearing creator of success offer two seasons on a pi this bankable. Yet it is what is managed do the duo American Carol Lim and Humberto Leon who, after making essential sweatshirt ‘tiger’, finds himself again the origin of the fashion of the moment crush: sweat “eye”.

It must be said that the latter – just like its predecessor dpr – fits perfectly in the air time, between d sheath sportswear, comfort ind deniable, original sophistication and recognizable graphics. Not to mention the dimension l g surely fool the famous eye America – that would provide protection that the door – as well as in said t textures fleece/jersey effect n opr lescopage doesn’t, which allows to infuse a true suppl lie to me audit sweatshirt.
Add that a still stronger enthusiasm for the sweatshirts of luxury and you will get a pi who, despite his 315 euros, has quickly found e out of stock.
In practice, those having had the chance to get their hands on it will earn her dope shots of pi these chic, rock, or girly. They should thus not h siter the mixer a sage skirt Navy Blue e pliss, an insolent slim leather or even a coquette skirt buckets…

PS: Are those who regret to be pass c t the Sweatshirt of Gisele B ndchen may try to catch up with s d presented an option on the next ‘it’ Kenzo: “fish” Sweatshirt. The latter is indeed already and already available in pr order here.