The Dark Knight and His Legend Reborn on 20 July on Android

There is little for the premiere of the third installment of The Dark Knight. While the latest Batman film directed by Nolan warms Gameloft is doing the same with a video game for mobile. It is not that the games based on films are titles of high quality but sometimes there are exceptions, and in this case, we give the benefit of the doubt.

The French company has released a video where we can see a little in what will be the game. For those who have played a the pair of Arkham You may find many similarities. So, it seems that Gameloft have decided to learn from Rocksteady to bring us a mixture of the mechanics of the versions of desktop with the particular universe of film.

As the game can be seen in the video it will look a fairly powerful graphics engine so only those with high-end devices can enjoy it. As it has happened in other cases, Gameloft will publish a list of those smartphones and tablets compatible with the adventures of the Dark Knight.

At the moment the price is unknown but we know when to reach Google Play: July 20. If you know staying faithful to the influence of the series Arkham can be a pretty fun title. Not as much as an adventure of open development but if with sufficient freedom to move around some parts of Gotham.