The Danes Must Again Have New TV

The Danes have the opportunity for more HD TV over the ground antenna, but now waiting yet another investment in new television equipment. It is the third time in three years that consumers must to the pockets.

Boxer, who is a distributor of digital television via the terrestrial network, is now allowed to broadcast HD-TV on a number of frequencies, which otherwise was intended for mobile TV via DVB-H standard.

Thus is the DVB-H standard in real terms put in the grave, just as is the case in most other European countries, which our site told about earlier today.

DVB-H was a TV standard, which should make it possible to send digital television to handheld devices, such as mobile phones. The standard, however, never got his breakthrough.

In most other European countries, the standard is already been dropped, and it was therefore expected that Denmark would follow suit.

When DVB-H will be dropped, it enables more HD TV channels from Boxer.

HD-TV to the people

More HD TV will, however, for many people also bring a new expense for the purchase of the new DVB-T2 compliant television equipment.

Many have invested in new equipment as late as the end of 2011. At the time, switched people to be ready for the latest digital transition, which took place in January 2012.

But to many people’s surprise, then it’s all-new television equipment perhaps not ready for HD-TV from Boxer.

In Denmark we have experienced two switch to digital TV within three years. In 2009 we went from analog broadcasts to digital TV in the DVB-T with MPEG2 and MPEG4 compression.

Denmark Radio in 2009 had already for a few years, in parallel with the broadcast of analog TV, used the digital MPEG2 technology, and therefore chose to continue with MPEG2.

Boxer TV launched at the same time, digital TV with MPEG4 compression, which gave room for more TV channels on the transmitter network.

By the next digital transition in January 2012 Denmark Radio also switched to MPEG4, which did everything MPEG2-receive equipment obsolete. Now it was suddenly necessary with the new MPEG4 equipment such as another TV.

New equipment is out of date

But that was not the final race technology; Already in the month of april there was yet another technology shift, and this time there was talk about the switch from DVB-T to DVB-T2.

Boxer launched HD-TV, but at the same time, chose to take the opportunity to start the transition to DVB-T2. The company’s new HD TV channels, as well as individual neighboring channels thus requires DVB-T2 compliant television equipment.

With DVB-T2 can be send nearly twice as much data, which means that you get more space on the network send to URf.eks. HD-TV, which takes up significantly more than normal TV in standard definition.

The new HD TV channels which Boxer is expected to launch on the previously assigned frequencies DVB-H, atså will come to require DVB-T2 compliant television equipment.

And since many Danes do not have compatible TV-DVB-T2 equipment, so must people again to the pockets to get pleasure from Boxer HD TV deals.

Boxer has, however, set-top boxes with the right technology, so you can simply put a box under the Tv, if you do not want to replace the entire screen.