The Danes Are Still Crazy about GPS Systems

Despite the different navigation applications on your phone, then use the Danes still the traditional GPS.

The good old street maps of paper that had his permanent place in the glove compartment or in the side pocket of the door, is a dying breed, if one is to believe in the Danes’ penchant for GPS devices this summer.

Despite that eventually no single smartphone on the market that either don’t have Google Maps, Nokia drive or before long also Apple’s bid on a navigation system, Apple Maps, so it does not end with the traditional GPS systems.

Figures from Statistics Denmark indicate that every other Danish family now owns a digital directory. This is figure, as sales manager, Mogens & T from our site can recognize.

-“We are seeing a huge interest for Satnavs just now. It is perhaps no wonder that the right topper here in the summer when people go on holiday, but nevertheless, it is worth noting that the Danes so have taken them to heart this year, “says Mogens & T to our site.

He also tells that it is two trends are particularly apparent. On the one hand, the Danes will have GPS systems, which is more than just a directory, also lifetime updates of the maps have become popular, which makes it always is sure to have the latest maps.

Updated map is important because up to 15 percent of the road network each year are changing worldwide.

The Danes will also have more advanced GPS systems than in the past, when it was enough to get the route from A to B shown – so there are now requirements for the electronic map.

-“We see a growing curiosity on the slightly larger models, which besides being the signpost also can guide and advise you about gasoline-economy, traffic conditions and even serve as entertainment center, when it is not in use as GPS,” says Mogens & T.

A supplement to the smart phone

Access to the navigation systems are gradually, something most have among other things via their smartphone. But that doesn’t mean the traditional GPS device is dropped.

-“The GPS capabilities of smartphones are typically not something that causes people to drop the regular GPS devices, which often are more advanced. But there is no doubt that some people who have enough in the GPS features, as some smartphones have built-in. Typically, smartphones, however, more as a supplement. We are seeing too many customers, who think it’s more convenient to have an ordinary GPS, who are separated from their cell phone, “explains Mogens & T from Our site.

In this year there has been a Our site growth on Satnavs compared to last year, and this growth has particularly been in recent months.