The Crown of Braids of Milla Jovovich

If some arbor hairstyles are at the last Cannes Film Festival need rent several hours of work, others, like the Crown of braids of Mila Jovovich, managed combine simplicity and d sirabilit…

In Crown of braids, the hairdressers in the wire dare have usually the chic to combine romanticism and complexity. We think of the hair code of the Valentino spring show models 2012, which need arn she dext laughs and some expertise.

However, this does mean mean to deprive charm d delicate diffused by this kind of hairstyles. By choosing r recently for a simplified version of the Crown of braids, Milla Jovovich proves indeed that it is the port of all those poss however a minimum length hair.

In practice, suffice it so s prepare our hair braiding one of the c t s and to place the resulting braid Crown around the front for this famous effect capillary romantico-boh me.

Careful however not to play too wise, under pain of being left with a little girl mod hairstyle the. We don’t hesitera so not leave to escape a few tasks on the front m and Texturize hair before braiding them.

On their side, the expert may try to spice up a little exercise in replaced the simple braid by a braid pi ant and vary the pleasures by positioning this last flush to the front rather in diad me. They can also natter the two cst of the hair and intersect the braids at the top of the cr; braids will be taken care of “cheveler” slightly, to their ter any mivrerie.