The Covers that Leave Your Smartphone Waterproof

A waterproof cover is always a useful item to avoid those common accidents involving liquids and the destruction of a smartphone. To facilitate the choice of an ideal model for your cell phone, TechTudo listed some cases with different characteristics and purposes. From simple day to day protection to the transformation of your device into an underwater camera, there are versions for all tastes and pockets.

Functional In And Out Of Water

The covers with this characteristic are usually made of polycarbonate, a protection is ideal for anyone who wants a cover that can be used daily and submerged in water. They can be dipped in approximately 2-3 meters deep for a period of 30 minutes. The time is enough to take some photos or record short videos with your smartphone, in the pool or on the beach.

On terra firma, they are ultra resistant and withstand snow, dust, mud and falls up to 2 meters high. The models usually weigh on average 50 grams, which gives a considerable “fattened” in the device, but have a discrete design. Prices range from $ 120 to $ 360 (converted dollar values), according to brand and features-some versions come with solar powered battery charger. In addition, the cases usually come with waterproof adapters, which guarantee the use of gadgets such as headphones even dipped.

For divers

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Those who need an accessory that allows them to explore the depths of the sea should opt for more resistant covers, such as those that support dives of up to 30 meters for one hour.This type of case is perfect for practicing extreme sports such as diving, rafting, jet-skiing and snowboarding.

Some brands work with vacuum-based sealing, accompanying a bomb to remove air, which guarantees access to all the features of the smartphone inside the cover. The model usually comes with neoprane clamp to increase your mobility. There are also handy options designed to optimize the capture of photos and videos. The wrappings cost from $ 100 to $ 200 and are available in domestic and foreign stores.


There is an alternative for those who want to spend less to protect the smartphone from liquids. The medium models, which cost between $ 40 and $ 100, consist, for the most part, of a plastic bag with a good seal. They are not made to be dipped, but to make it possible to use the device near water.

The accessory also usually leaves the cell phone less touchy than other models, but it is still possible to access all features. Normally, the cover is compatible with different smartphone manufacturers, which can represent even greater savings, since it is possible to use in several devices.

Another type of protection, and even cheaper, is the ultra thin film. With prices ranging from $ 10 to $ 20, they are a kind of film paper that seals the smartphone and prevents the passage of liquid or dirt. This version interferes very little in the look and weight of the phone, but, on the other hand, it also does not support long periods of submersion.

Nanotechnological Impermeability

The most discreet-imperceptibly, in fact-among the options of waterproof protection is the liquid repelling nanorevestimento, also known as “ultra-ever dry”.It waterproofs the surface of the cell phone, Which is safe from accidental spills, spills or rapid submersion, such as when the cell phone falls on the toilet.

The user needs to send the device to a company that does the service, which will use the technology and return the device via the postal service. The application price is approximately R $ 150, but, so far, only foreign companies perform this task.Therefore, before hiring, it is necessary to check whether the portal makes international deliveries.