The Cheap Smart Phone

Yakumo is breaking new ground and brings the omikron, a Windows Smart phone on the market, including cam and surprisingly cheap. The test shows whether that can convince PDA cell phone combo.

Unbeatably cheap: With an RRP of just 349 euros the Yakumo breaks through omikron the price limit for the current smart phones running Microsoft Windows Mobile 2003 operating system Phone Edition. By comparison, T-Mobile offers its MDA II.without contract for whopping 760 euros.

Whether it can absorb the cheap omikron with the expensive competition, information on the following pages.

Facilities: Restricted Photo Fun

You will have a delicious range of mobile phone functions. And the Yakumo-model shows ample courage to the gap, such as the camera in other areas.

Camera and MMS
Omikron leave with the PDA to shoot photos and easily about send by E-Mail or infrared and drop directly into memory. Thus, the Yakumo model takes advantages.

But the disillusionment comes fast: the camera lens sits here via the touch screen, and not, as at the most photo-phones on the back of the device. So the user can snap great itself, capturing other motives is, however, almost impossible. Also, the touch-sensitive display as a viewfinder responds very slowly and the image quality leaves to be desired. In addition: the cam take photos according to Yakumo in VGA quality (640 x 480 pixels). The format also showed our test device, brought it but still not clarified reasons on more than 463 x 347 pixels.

More negative points: the OMICRON is not equipped for the multimedia messaging service MMS of by House from so far. Although Yakumo provided a corresponding software upgrade us, that supposedly coming soon on the Manufacturer’s Web page should be offered for free downloading and in the device is the same in the second series of omikron. But for us counts only what brings this test equipment – and that was only SMS.

Player and games
Windows Media Player offers the usual Microsoft offer to play video and MP3 files, games-download the Yakumo for Pocket PCs – for further entertainment. A Java engine is not available in the smart phone.

Phone functions
With profiles, group, and language features, the PDA has nothing on the hat omikron.Small consolation: A voice recorder brings the smart phone from Electronicsmatter, the shots can be used as ringtones-that worked perfectly in the test.

Facilities: Good PDA Functions

The strengths of the Yakumo smart phones are PDA functions. Here, the PDA operating system proven Pocket PC which Windows Mobile 2003 Phone Edition inside the.

PDA functions
At a glance: the today screen displays various information at the start of the device. These include upcoming events, incoming E-mail, and tasks.

Also on board are all operating system standard Office applications PDF Viewer via Pocket Word up to Pocket Exel.So you can take a look at documents on your Smartphone and edit.

Outlook sync & co.
Pretty fast: the Outlook synchronization of 1,000 contacts via the supplied USB cradle and software within 30 seconds worked In the test. Also the transfer of MP3 songs went on this way rapidly. The transfer of large data files takes, however, a long time via infrared. Bluetooth does not support the omikron.

You must not do without GPRS Smartphone on the exchange of emails with attachments and the access to the WAP – and Web world. After setting the respective profiles offer also smoothly. Annoying: For use as a laptop modem lacked the necessary driver. Thanks to tri-band technology, he sparks omikron in the American cellular network.

Practice: No Light

The Yakumo Smartphone is lacking in too many corners. Although the user gets fast in the grip the menu navigation. With the touch screen it is can become friends but less. There are prints in the battery – and acoustic values.

Mass, touchscreen, rechargeable battery
Chunky Windows smartphones are nothing new – as also the solid omikron with the external antenna stub makes no difference. The 4,096-color touch screen (240 x 320 pixels) is although not excessively large 43 x 57 mm for a model of this class. Less contrast and brightness impressed us: the touch-sensitive display is just too pale, the colors do not glow as for other smartphones.We were disappointed by the result of the battery: only 1:33 hours the Yakumo Smartphone held out a continuous talk at maximum transmission power and thus provides the worst result in the current competitor box.

Processor and memory
OMICRON is powered by an ARM processor 200 MHz – not exactly a racing machine.The result: The user must bring patience about when downloading programs. As memory of the PDA omikron provides 64 MByte RAM and 32 MByte Flash ROM available. Nearly 20 MByte of RAM took the preinstalled software and various applications in our test device. A SD(IO)-and multi media card slot provides more space. The user must but extra buy tickets.

Start menu, today screen, features customizable buttons, or pen input – who already knows the Pocket PC PDA, copes with the Yakumo Smartphone without trouble.Users of Windows machines recognize also that or other again and have the menu structure quickly under control.

The handle for the manual is still inevitable in some places. Unfortunately, only partly convinced the tomes (259 pages) and also not with inside the package. The manual offers Yakumo only online for free download.

Mediocre sound, permanent background noise – in the acoustic test section of bad omikron. The interlocutors criticized also the many skips during the intercom and the quiet voice transmission.

Conclusion: Not Yet Matured

Those who opt for Yakumos cheap debut Smartphone, do without on a lot: not only the features of the phone have to be desired.

Clearly, the purchase price for the omikron by almost 350 euros MSRP is a hit. Especially in the Smartphone the same Pocket PC offer as there is II and XDA II in more than twice as expensive competitors MDA.

For this, the cheap alternative provides very little phone convenience. The Cam and the coloredTouch screen bring nor advantages such as the battery and acoustic results. And that MMS users may only use the software after an upgrade leads to further deductions.

In our current leaderboard (stand: March 09, 2004) it is enough the omikron just to a “satisfactory” rating. Yakumos debut Smartphone is so only conditionally suitable for bargains.