The Brand New Aldi Notebook Medion Akoya Md 96350 In The Computer Image Test


At work, the Medion notebook was properly afloat. This is due to the processor Intel Core 2 Duo T5250 1.5 GHz clock frequency) as well as the of memory lush with two gigabytes. Weak point is the graphics card. Loose enough for Office tasks, however, is for elaborate games with 3D graphics not suitable.

Data and programs fit approximately 150 gigabytes on the hard disk. The built-in burner described all kinds of CD and DVDs. He worked pretty fast and gave a proper burn quality.

Image quality
The laptop has a 15.4 inch screen in widescreen format and is therefore also suitable for watching DVD movies. However, the image side looking at dunkelte significantly.

The Aldi notebook was very quiet with only 0.3 sone at idle and 0.6 sone at full load. Also the battery lasted a long time.

The Medion Akoya MD 96350 is richly equipped: in addition to Wi-Fi and a small Internet camera is also an eSATA port on board. About him, you can (faster than USB 2.0) transfer data at very high speed with suitable external hard drives. A fingerprint sensor with which the user can identify ensures safety. Also supplied a TV card which you can receive digital terrestrial television DVB-T. The pre-installed software package can be seen. In addition to the operating system Windows Vista Home Premium there is among other things the WISO my money financial software, the Office program Microsoft Works 9, as well as the burning software Nero Burning Rom.

The Aldi notebook is suitable thanks to brisk pace and low operating noise, ideal for Office tasks. Also the battery with three and a half hours last quite long. For 799 euros is thus a prima featured notebook.

Test conclusion: what you should know

The processor Intel Core 2 Duo T5250 (2 cores per 1.5 GHz clock frequency) provided a very good grade. Thanks to two gigabytes of memory, also photo editing and video editing software ran at a decent pace. The graphics processor sits on the main Board and has no own memory. So he calculated the average only 12 frames per second. Around 150 GB to fit data on the disk. The built-in burner described all kinds of CDs and DVDs. The laptop has a 15.4 inch screen in widescreen format. However, the image side looking at dunkelte down significantly. It was very quiet with only 0.3 sone at idle and 0.6 sone at full load. The battery lasted for three and a half hours. Tools on board: Internet camera with microphone, WLAN, eSATA port for connecting external hard drives, keyboard with a separate number pad. The supplied software package includes Windows Vista Home Premium plus the financial software WISO mean money 2007, Office software works 9 and the burning program Nero Burning ROM 7 Essentials. Order this product at Amazon Pro high performance long operating time with battery fast connection for external hard drives (eSATA) cons for complex 3-D games to slow test note of Editor 2.12 good users rating (out of 1 reviews) the full review read in the latest issue 23/2007 the COMPUTER image (available now in trade).