The best summer fragrances for men’s 2015

Balmain Man: The freshness of bergamot blends with smoky notes of Saffron and nutmeg.

The best summer fragrances for men's 2015

With the perfect summer scent, it behaves like with the right outfit: mostly airy and light. Therefore uncomplicated Water of Bathroom are recommended for the day and more intense Water of Colognes for the evening. What new Mr perfumes this summer especially well play the fragrance keyboard, we have found out for you…

The best men’s fragrance in summer 2015: Balmain Man

The ready-to-wear collections of the French fashion house Balmain enjoy years outspoken popularity among young, fashion-loving men. Since it is not about that bottle of the new “Balmain Man” the French label reminiscent of the typical military jackets. The freshness of bergamot contrasted by smoky spices such as saffron and nutmeg, in “Balmain Man”. A great fragrance, for example, for relaxed days in Ibiza’s Beach Club.

Men’s Perfume: Sweet & Gabbana cooling

“Light Blue” is a classic among the summer scents for men by Sweet & Gabbana. Citrus and aquatic shares make the Water of Toilette an all-rounder for the day. That an old hand can learn entirely new tricks should be demonstrated with “Light Blue – Swimming in Lipari”. The main difference to the well-known Bouquet: Still dominant water notes and a sea salt chord for the kick of freshness. Our verdict: Try is worthwhile especially for fans of subtle men’s fragrances.

Fruit bomb: “L’ Water d’ Issey pour Man – summer edition”

Star perfumer Alberto Morillas sends us in a long, refreshing summer holiday – with fruity accompaniment. So play Kiwi, pineapple, and roller bearing grapefruit in the this year’s men’s fragrance from the House of Issey Miyake. Those who wish to change to the hot season this spirited, long-lasting fragrance to the heart was set. All other further indulge of summer ennui.

Blaumachen in English: “Brit Splash for Him” by Burberry

If the London with something familiar, then with water, which is pelting down in the form of drops on them – usually rather involuntarily refreshment. In the case of “Brit Splash for Him” we’re not enough of the precipitation. For hot summer days in the city, which refreshes aquatic Water of Toilette with melon -, Galbanharz -, and Rosemary chords. A good fragrance for the business and for after-work drinks on the local Roof Top Bar.

Barbecue à la Gatsby: “Amber Empire” by Atkinson

Because the roaring twenties as formative style, Atkinson has a peek into his thick history books and pulled out three lost Fragrance formulas. So later doesn’t mean “at that time were the summers warmer and heavier fragrances” there was an update for the pampered noses today as a precaution. The result was the “legendary collection”, from which the Water of Toilette “Amber Empire” most excels. Combined with oolong tea and white musk the bouquet of old men won a considerable portion casualness of amber and myrrh. Definitely a fragrance for evening BBQs or cocktail parties.

The long nights of Paris: Le male by Jean Paul Gaultier

A summer without new dressed bottles from Jean Paul Gaultier would be no summer – at least from olfactory perspective. This year the aromatic notes were highlighted at the aroma classic for men lavender, mint and cardamom. This base of vanilla, musk and sandalwood remained unaffected. The result: A fresher and less flowery men’s fragrance for hot Parisian days – and nights.

“Black III” by AJ Arabia – men’s fragrances for summer

The Parfumhaus AJ Arabia was founded by Ali al Jaberi in Abu Dhabi in 2014. It combines the traditional fragrances of the Arab room with floral notes from all over the world. With the ‘Black Collection’, AJ Arabia in Germany celebrates its debut. Our summer recommendation bears the name “Black III” and is also the favorite scent of the founder himself – as we found out. Like an oasis in the midst of searing desert heat, amazingly fruity smells “Black III” and waived the heavy chords, the Arabian fragrances are otherwise known.

The modern gentleman: Penhaligon’s no.. 33

Since Foundation of the House in 1870 is an important part of Penhaligon Lavender scents. ‘No. 33 “continues this tradition of iron and is a modern interpretation of lavender for equally contemporary gentlemen. Super nose Mike Parrot has created the current men’s fragrance for Penhaligon’s, and we like to attest that the lavender Cologne never somniferous effect. These ensure Orange, grapefruit, ginger and a spicy pepper chord – God save Penhaligon’s.

Fine wines to the smell: “Rice is Lord” by Berdoues

If you think “Grand Raw” were only in the world of champagne and wine-making, which is wrong. For about a hundred years, the French niche manufacturer ‘Berdoues’ fine wines becoming smelling. The Water of Cologne “Rice is Lord” is an ode to the Lebanese Cedar forests. Would be rough, of course and unwegig – just as men are just the way or likes. The Woody smell is flanked by Moroccan IRIS and Chinese ginger. An insider’s tip for fans of High Perfumery.

Maritime notes in the men’s perfume by Aigner

Tangerine, mint leaves, bergamot and maritime notes – men, the up this summer for no.. 1 Platinum”decide to show courage to the edge. The character scent is long lasting and needed some time to develop on the skin of the wearer. A spicy Woody aromas that in early autumn wear easily allows.

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