The Best Reasons for Having a Smartphone

One of the advantages that Android has always been able to boast about Apple is the ability to remove and replace the batteries of their smartphones in case of failure.  But in recent years, we have noticed that many brands have deprived their users of this feature. But what are the advantages of having a telephone that allows this exchange?

The Best Reasons for Having a Smartphone

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Today, most of the top-of-the-line models feature powerful batteries, well integrated with the CPU and operating system, as well as fast charging technologies. But at the same time, few have the option of removing it. And that can make all the difference.

And if you still have doubts about the advantages of having a removable battery smartphone, here are five reasons to opt for a model with this feature:

1. Replace battery in case of damage without losing your smartphone

First of all, you should know that the life of a battery is limited to a certain number of charge-discharge cycles. This usually amounts to about two years of operation before the component becomes useful only as paper weight. And this also means that after some time of use, the life of your battery will drop dramatically compared to the initially offered.

And that’s the main benefit of owning a smartphone with removable battery. If you notice a very sensitive fall in your income, you can exchange it for a few hundred dollars. Otherwise the socket and an auxiliary battery will be your new best friends or you’ll have to buy a new device.

In addition, the process of replacing a battery in a removable model is easy and safe. But try replacing this component in a metal unibody smartphone. In addition to the high risk of damage to the unit, you are still likely to lose the warranty. So the advice is: in such cases, turn to technical assistance.

2. Dual autonomy(and beyond)

With a smartphone where you can replace the battery, you not only eliminate the problem of long-term autonomy, but you can also count on a spare for a much more practical change than walking up and down with an auxiliary battery.

Of course, an external battery has its advantages, mainly because you can find models with great power. In addition, in many cases, it is cheaper than a replacement battery. But in the practical sense, having a device that allows the exchange of batteries is much more practical to carry in the bag, keeps the phone running and still avoids those unnecessary heating caused by the power banks we see there.

3. More power and no additional weights

In addition to being able to buy the component from the manufacturer itself, users of smartphones with removable batteries can also opt for other models with higher capacity, which can even triple the life of the smartphone.

A good example of this is the batteries produced by Mugen Power, which bring capacity two, three times greater than the official component present in smartphones. They can be used on models from Samsung, HTC, Motorola, among others.

The points against: The initial investment is higher than an auxiliary / power charger battery and your smartphone still gains a certain additional size.

4. Bring the smartphone back to life in case of need

At some point, it may be that your smartphone suddenly stops responding to commands, especially if you are performing delicate procedures such as overclocking or similar. Also in this case using the”On / Off” button may not work and a reset, removing the battery from the device, will be indispensable.

It is a very rare case, of course, but not so unthinkable. In addition, in situations – also rare – where the battery leak occurs, detecting the problem on smartphones that offer the removal option can be very useful in preventing damage from spreading to the rest of the phone.

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5. Customization and jet technical support

Having a smartphone with a removable battery means that we can remove the back cover and replace it with models with different colors and designs, leaving the device more to our liking.

In addition, although smartphones with built-in batteries have greater resistance to crashes and related impacts, it is also true that if your battery is damaged, you will have to spend a lot of time in the service. In models with possibility of removal, just go to a store and change the battery without great scares.


Although having a smartphone with removable battery has the advantages you saw above, the subject is still source for much discussion: the possibility of removing it and replace it is, of course, a beautiful differential. But at the same time, you have to deal with the fact that brands are increasingly standardizing the unibody, with metal design, thin and elegant, but that waives the possibility of exchange.

But in an increasingly crowded universe of Androids devices with this standard, there are still manufacturers who resist and do not want to deprive their users of the possibility of changing the battery: LG during this year’s MWC showed this clearly when presenting the Great G5 that can integrate a removable battery without sacrificing design.