The Best Monitoring System

A monitoring system is a device whose use enables secure a location given that it is a residential area or workplace. This equipment must be chosen carefully if you would like it to play its role exactly according to your expectations and to avoid making a bad deal.Gather including information on your actual needs, the installation of this product and its various components. Assuming you do not have time to see our buying guide and the classification of certain products that we offer, we will briefly describe the models we believe we can satisfy you. Zmodo KHA8-YARUZ4ZP offers up to 4 high resolution cameras that are resistant to weather and have a night vision system. Eltro CS87T is a wireless model, discreet and efficient giving the possibility to view pictures via a mobile device.

How to choose a good surveillance system

Today, we are able to monitor what is happening with us or in our shop thanks to surveillance systems. However, for the novice, it’s not easy to buy one and it is precisely to bring them the help we have developed our buying guide for better surveillance systems.So, with our advice, you will quickly know how to buy a surveillance system for a better price / quality ratio!

Purchase guide

What are your real needs?

Before you jump into buying a surveillance system, you must know your real needs in the field. Indeed, you will easily find the best model if you know exactly why you need a monitoring system. Know then that IP cameras or analog models HD-SDI type are suitable both for outdoor use as for indoor use. Also, opt for cameras that provide good lighting and a fairly broad zoning system would be a good idea. If you need stealth, surveillance systems involving multiple cameras-spies will make you happy. In case you do not want to expend energy during installation, take this for granted on systems with Mini-dome cameras, it is the easiest to install spyware-after models. Finally, if you need to monitor a place 24h / 24, please choose infrared surveillance cameras and if you have pets, prefer models that can detect that the alarm switches are not alone. Note that there are now models connected through which you can watch what’s happening at home in real time.

Ease of installation, use and control

Once you determine your real needs and that you now know what you need, then, consider the ease of installation, ease of use and control options. Whatever the number of cameras included with your kit, you should be able to install them without much difficulty; so you must learn it. Similarly, even if you opt for the latest in surveillance system, you should be able to use it easily.Concretely, this means that you will quickly find recorded video and easy access to real-time images. Finally, if you are rarely home, so opt for a model that will let you view images on your terminals connected through a proposed interface in an application.

The components of the monitoring system

Finally, the number of components of the monitoring system that will interest you based on your actual needs, but also on the number of coins you have at home. Do not forget to check if you can add elements later; it is cameras or heat sensors. When you are attached to a model that meets all your needs, simply go to a price comparison to find where to buy a new surveillance system at the best price. Remember to take into account the opinions of those who have opted for the model you like before making the purchase. You will find these opinions on specialized forums, shopping sites or even sites for consumers.

Best of 2016 monitoring systems

If CCTV was formerly reserved for large companies, even individuals can now take the opportunity to keep an eye on their property and improve their home security. However, given the many offers on the market, you want to know what to buy surveillance system? Find below our comparative security systems through 5 choices of appropriate monitoring systems.

Recommended products


The Zmodo KHA8-YARUZ4ZP is a CCTV system kit adapted to the needs of individuals, shopping centers and businesses. It has two main functions: a video capture and recording capability of the captured images. Equipped with 4 high resolution security cameras, this kit will allow you to keep an eye on your home or store.

For those looking for a video surveillance system for the exterior, this kit will be perfect as weather resistant with cameras operating even during rain or snow.Another asset of the cameras Zmodo KHA8-YARUZ4ZP are equipped with night vision function. They thus capture of continuously quality images and it day and night. These advantages make the Zmodo KHA8-YARUZ4ZP the best monitoring system.

This model is also suitable for people who travel frequently and who want to monitor their home. To do this, the CCTV system will be responsible for capturing images using cameras which will take charge in turn relay the images to remote displays from a PC, iPhone, iPad or Blackberry …

For optimum safety, this kit includes a motion sensor which is very handy when it is dark or when the present environment makes it difficult to perceive the presence of criminals, as is the case during heavy rain or snow .

If you are in search of the most efficient surveillance system, then you will probably be strongly tempted by this Zmodo KHA8-YARUZ4ZP. This kit comes with a DVR, 4 cameras, and you can access images remotely via your PC or Smartphone.

For the

Professional quality: This CCTV system kit is suitable for both individuals and professionals as companies or shopping centers.

Supplied with 4 cameras: You will manage to simultaneously monitor multiple angles of your home thanks to four high-resolution cameras. These can be installed outside without fear of bad weather and dust, because they are waterproof.

Accessible anywhere: Whether at the office or remotely, you’ll be able to keep an eye on your home via your smartphone or computer. If motion is detected, you will be immediately notified by email.

DVR: It can support up to 8 cameras and is capable of recording and displaying 240 fps videos. This will produce well fluid images.

The Cons

Configuration: Some customers who were able to make this test kit has experienced some difficulties in its network configuration.

 Elro CS87T

he Elro CS87T meets the needs of those wishing to gain a wireless monitoring system functioning digital. This video kit has two main advantages: discretion and the ability to view images captured from a smartphone or a computer with access to an internet connection. Benefits that make this type of device, the best kit cheap standalone surveillance camera.

This monitoring system also has all the qualities to fulfill the role of an external safety system: it has a range of night vision up to 15m through its IR diodes. It also includes a fully standalone monitor powered by a Lithium battery. By choosing this kit, you can view images from your LCD 7 ” touch and portable.

The performance of this monitoring system is manifested also through its recording capacity. It can also record up to 25 frames per second. Recording can be activated on it manually, through the selection of a defined timeframe or automatically activate when motion detection.

Elro with the system, you will see everything that is happening outside of your local from the touch screen supplied with the kit.This does not prevent you from also any view on your Smartphone when relocating.

If you want to monitor the exterior of your home remotely or locally and you still do not know what to choose surveillance system, then you may be seduced by this CS87T of the brand Elro. This model is characterized by the presence of a portable LCD screen 7 ”.

For the

LCD 7′: Compared to the competition, you will not have to connect the recorder to a TV or computer screen, because the kit is supplied with a portable LCD screen and touch 7”.

Remote Viewing: This screen is not the only way to view the recorded videos. You can also do this via your Smartphone through OMGuard app, available on Android and Iphone.

The Cons

Image quality: Some customers find that images are not clear enough, especially in infrared mode.

Floureon 8CH CCTV Kit

ow to choose the best 2016 surveillance systems? To make the right choice, you must, before anything else, determine your needs monitoring: is it to monitor a home, a business, an office or store? Depending on your needs, you can easily direct you to the type of system that best suits you. If you want to find a reliable video surveillance system, aim your choice to Floureon 8CH CCTV Kit .

This type of system is equipped with 4 security cameras that ensure you protect your local office type, home or shop. This CCTV security system presents a real advantage as it captures everything that is happening outside your home, even at night with night vision.

With this CCTV kit, you also have the possibility to directly access the images captured remotely from your smartphone or computer and the recorded data will-they also be saved via USB.

Simple to use, this kit comes with a remote control for DVR and a user manual for easy installation. If you wish to purchase an affordable video surveillance kit, so you can direct you to this powerful model.

The Floureon 8CH CCTV Kit will allow you to effectively secure your home. It comes with 4 waterproof infrared cameras and a digital recorder H.264. As you interesting characteristics of this kit, you’ll probably find the solution to the question “where to buy the best system of surveillance?”.

For the

IP66: The 4 surveillance cameras provided are certified IP66, that is to say, they are totally dustproof, and are protected against splash water to the lance. They can therefore be installed outdoors without problems.

Complete CCTV Kit: This kit will satisfy anyone with a need for surveillance. Its installation and use are very easy, and it comes with everything that is essential to video surveillance.

Remote access: The digital recorder H.264 is able to connect to the network via the RJ45 Ethernet port. Thus, you can access locally or remotely via your smartphone.

The Cons

Night vision: User believe she would not be powerful enough. Night therefore recorded videos will be of low quality.

Zmodo Funlux KDB8-CARQZ4ZP

The protection of a house is not only to protect the interior. Especially it begins outside. What is the best outdoor surveillance kit video market? The Zmodo Funlux KDB8-CARQZ4ZP is a preferred model if you need a video surveillance kit equipped with high resolution cameras.

One of its advantages is the ability to view images captured remotely from a computer. If you are also very mobile, know that this kit is accessible from your iPhone or iPad. In addition to capturing the images, it also has a registration system that allows you to keep abreast of everything that happens in the vicinity of your home.

convenience, this kit has been specially designed for outdoor surveillance since it is waterproof and highly resistant to weathering. Add to this the clear picture quality of the camera. Thanks to its motion sensor, the safety of your property is optimized since it is possible to detect at any time intrusion attempts and it day and night.

Finally, this DVR surveillance system has two video outputs, the output BNC and VGA output to facilitate image viewing on your PC or TV monitor.

Zmodo is currently one of the best brands of market surveillance systems. It offers high quality models like the Funlux KDB8-CARQZ4ZP. With this kit, you can constantly keep an eye on your home, wherever you are.

For the

Outdoor surveillance: cameras of this kit will suit outdoor installation because they are waterproof, and are thus able to withstand the weather.

Remote access: This model has motion detectors. If motion is detected, you will be immediately notified by email. You will also be able to view recordings remotely via your smartphone or computer.

the cons

Notice not in French: The non-bilingual could find themselves in trouble with the instructions in English only. However, this kit has the advantage of being one of the cheapest on the market.

568299 ABUSE

What is the best outdoor surveillance camera to protect the surroundings of your home or your work space? Through self-monitor 568299 Abuse system, you have the opportunity to have a visible track of everything happening outside your home, your store or office.

The display screen is also very easy to use. The TFT screen of 3.5 ” refers very clearly all the images filmed by the outer camera. To power the system, simply go to the menu screen. Depending on your needs, you can add up to 4 additional cameras including VAT type 15010 in the system.

This CCTV pack also has the advantage of not only transferring video signals on the screen but also audio signals. Designed for outdoor use, it is equipped with PIR motion sensor for optimum monitoring, especially at night.

The outdoor wireless camera kit that has an infrared feature to facilitate night vision. If you need a convenient surveillance equipment and wireless for external monitoring, consider choosing the 568299 Abuse.

Looking at the various rankings of the best market surveillance systems, you will succeed more easily find the model that suits you best. Your interest could then be about 568,299 this abuse, a model that is experiencing great success among consumers.

For the Complete CCTV Kit: This digital audio video system comes with an infrared camera 2.4Ghz (designed for outdoor installation) and a TFT 3.5” which allows you to view recorded video.

Easy installation: You can thank technology Plug & Play Abuse which will enable you to install and use this kit in a very simple way.