The Best File Manager for Android

A file manager is indispensable under Android. Play store there are many such apps, but only a few offer useful features. We present 10 of the best file managers.

Many users link only basic functions such as deleting, copying and moving of files using a file manager. A good file manager offers much more – and supersedes even a whole series of other apps. The File Explorer integrated cloud storage such as dropbox, OneDrive and box, for example managing the system, optimized user apps, analysed the SD card and wireless integrates the mobile as a drive on your own network. For users of unlocked smartphones offers the ES File Explorer including rights management root access to the file system.

File Manager With Chromecast Support

If you have a Chromecast dongle, worth a look on theSolid Explorer. The app includes not only all the base features, as well as solid a two column view in landscape mode, but thanks to the optional extension Explorer cast plugin is also a multimedia player with Chromecast support. You want to stream a movie, open the corresponding file, select» solid Explorer cast “and then tap the Chromecast icon. You can test the file manager 14 days free of charge. Then, the full version costs 1.52 euros.

Nice File Manager With Lots Of Statistics

The FX File Explorer However, boasts not only more appealing interface in Google’s holo UI, but provides many statistics to memory consumption and the frequency of use of individual files and folders. So you see among others at a glance which files you most frequently and which you have never opened. The FX File Explorer also allows a two column view in landscape and portrait format. Also the hex viewer and the support of shell scripts may be interesting for developers. The free version however is limited to local data and opens no multimedia files. To use all features of file manager, you will need the FX File Explorer Add-On (2,29 euros) plus the free root Add-On.

Kitkat And Android L Problems

Since the update to Android 4.4.2 KitKat has restricted Google access for apps on the external SD card. Meanwhile, most developers have customized their applications but, so that many problems should no longer occur. A full control on the SD card is not possible for KitKat.

If you have rooted your android phone, the app helps SDFix (external link) further according to PHONEJUST: the tool modifies a configuration file and thus again allows unrestricted access to the external memory card. Under the Android L preview However, it may occasionally happen that the file manager receives no root privileges.