The Best Cheap 2017 Fitbit Bracelet

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Specialists in the creation of activity monitors for lovers of sport, the brand of product Firbit has won great weight in the sector. Its products are synonymous with quality, functionality and comfort.

We have carried out an investigation of 20 hours, comparing and analyzing more than 30 products in the market and we have selected the best bracelet for you cheap Fitbit.
In this comprehensive guide, we offer you 2 sections that will help you make the best choice according to your needs and budget:

  1. The best cheap 2017 Fitbit bracelet
  2. What keep in mind when buying a cheap Fitbit bracelet

We have chosen 5 models, but if you want to take a look at all our catalog, we recommend that you give a look at the comparison table of bracelets of activity that has prepared Amazon. You can also give you a look at the catalogue of PcComponentes, another of our recommended stores according to

1. the best cheap 2017 Fitbit bracelet

We then offer you a list that collects the best 5 Fitbit bracelets for you, that bracelet cheap Fitbit that best fits what you’re looking for.

5       Fitbit Flex

Technical data and functions

This wonderful bracelet of activity and sleep wireless, available in various colors, allows you to record the steps taken, distance traveled and calories burned, as well as monitor the active minutes, sleeping hours and the quality of sleep. This model is water resistant.
It has function of silent alarm. It is perfect to be able to synchronize your wireless mode statistics and check your progress in real time. It allows to synchronize information with your Bluetooth 4.0 devices. The strap is sturdy, durable and comfortable to wear.
Use this device lets you get the motivation you need to go out and be more active. Compatible with iPhone or Android, thanks to this bracelet Fitbit can access through your computer, tablet or Smartphone to your statistics at any time. The web interface is fairly comprehensive.

  • A bracelet of activity very accurate and complete, allowing to measure multiple variables easily and in real time. It is a product with care and nice design of perfect finish. Sturdy materials. Numerous functions to measure progress and improve motivation.


  • The battery lasts just two days. Over time the bracelet may crack by the inner zone, needing to buy a new replacement. Bracelet model simple, but complete.

Buy perfect if you are looking for a bracelet for Fitbit activity that is economic, since despite being a product with basic functions, it is presented as an attractive option if you do not need large demands.
Good buy as basic quantifier. Bracelet measures great steps, calories burned and, in addition, controls you sleep. Very versatile bracelet.

4 Fitbit Flex Slim

Technical data and functions

This bracelet cheap Fitbit is a fine and elegant model that constantly accompany you. During the day it allows you to monitor your steps, distance and calories burned, while at night it monitors your sleep cycle and in the morning you wake up quietly.
Only you will have to observe the bright points to compare your progress in relation to your goal. It is the motivation you need to leave home and increase your activity once for all. It allows to synchronize your stats in real time directly on your iPhone or Android or on your computer.
Thanks to this bracelet Fitbit can review your data at any time. Thanks to the NFC you can launch your App on Android devices with only touching the bracelet. This model is available in various colors. A robust, durable, and with a few good finishes bracelet. Ideal to keep good track of your progress.

  • This activity of the Fitbit brand bracelet is compatible with iPhone and Android. Offers an elegant model, thin, lightweight and good finishes. Construction materials are resistant and durable. It has numerous, practical and useful functions. It is ideal for conducting a good control and follow-up of your workouts.


  • This model has no altimeter. It is a bracelet that difficult to put something results. It’s a simple bracelet model in relation to other similar, but with the basic functions products.

Very interesting purchase for those who are looking for a basic but complete activity bracelet and that offers good value for money. A highly recommended purchase.
Very comfortable bracelet, useful and practical for training. It is a perfect weapon of motivation. Very interesting and useful functions.

3 Fitbit Charge

Technical data and functions

This bracelet of physical activity of the Fitbit brand, made of rubber and steel, allows you to monitor your statistics all day, steps, distance, calories burned, rises plants and active minutes, in addition to seeing your stats and time on his crisp and clear display OLED.
It has a silent alarm, and allows you to receive notifications of calls on your wrist. Its lithium-polymer battery lasts up to 5 days. With this bracelet, you can access your career statistics in real time, distance and pace. The screen turns off a few seconds to save battery power.
It is a bracelet very thin, light and comfortable to wear, nothing bothersome for the practice of sport. It offers great accuracy in results recording. Manufacturing materials offer some very good finishes. It automatically switches to night mode. Ideal product to motivate you to get active.

  • This bracelet cheap Fitbit is a product of good finishes and modern design. Your screen is bright, crisp and clean, and turns off to save battery power. The battery lasts up to 5 days. It has multiple useful functions and practices. A product very easy to use, accurate, and complete.


  • Belt materials are not so robust and resistant as other models. The closure of this bracelet is rather weak, so a blow could drop and fall.

It is a quality product and encourages you to get active yourself. Good product and good price. Very reliable, comfortable and elegant.

2 Fitbit Charge HR

Technical data and functions

This activity and heart rate of the Fitbit brand bracelet is a complete proposal that allows you to monitor your statistics all day, steps, heart rate, distance traveled, calories burned, plants rises and active minutes. Account with a crisp, bright display OLED.
On your screen you can see your statistics, heart rate and time. This bracelet Fitbit model lets you access your career statistics in real time, distance and pace. It offers a silent alarm, sleep monitoring and notifications of calls on your wrist.
Available in various colors, this bracelet for athletes features a design elegant, fine and light, very comfortable to wear without that it causes discomfort. It is compatible with more than 120 smartphones, including Android and Windows systems. This model is made of steel and rubber.

  • This bracelet Fitbit is a product elegant, discreet, lightweight, comfortable and easy to use. The materials offer a perfect finish and good durability. It has a sharper screen, silent alarm and notification of calls. It is compatible with numerous Smartphone. Very useful and practical.


  • The battery lasts as much as 3 days. When you wake up and you have 100 steps, because it sometimes has movements during the night. It is not a submersible watch.

This bracelet cheap Fitbit perfectly meets the anticipated expectations. Functional, practical, useful and comfortable, a bracelet with an interesting value for money and highly recommended activity.
It is a great product, in all senses, very complete and functional. Highly recommended and motivating to lead a healthier life.

1 Fitbit arises Smartwatch

Technical data and functions

Made of rubber and steel, this activity or smartwatch bracelet is available in various colors. It is a device that is elegant, fine, modern and with a perfect finish. Featuring a large-screen OLED, crisp and clear, very comfortable to read.
It offers monitoring with GPS, exercise and activity, log identifier of calls, automatic detection of sleep, silent alarm and heart rate measurement. Ideal for use in various sports such as cycling, running, fitness, etc. It helps you to improve your workouts and get ahead.
It is capable of synchronizing your statistics completely automatically and wireless way with your computer as well as more than 120 smartphones, including Android and Windows systems. In addition, with this bracelet also you can register food, view all your progress, and analyze trends.

  • A great wrist activity, light, modern, elegant, fine, with a few good finishes. It offers many functions to control and keep good track of all your progress. It has GPS, heart rate monitor and a big screen. It is compatible with computer and many Smartphones.


  • It is not water resistant. The battery with GPS and heart rate monitor active only lasts 5 hours. Heart rate detection is not always accurate. Music control only allows passing of a song to another, but you cannot control the volume. Its cost is higher than for other brand bracelets.

Super bracelet cheap Fitbit’s activity, with very good performance and care design. Purchase highly recommended if you are looking for brand, quality, functionality and design. A safe bet for sport lovers.
Excellent device to perform exercises and monitoring. Very comfortable and easy to use. A bracelet very complete ideal for monitor, do follow-ups and encourage exercise.

2. what keep in mind when buying a cheap Fitbit bracelet

If you love the sport and want to have a good control of your workouts, do not hesitate to get a bracelet Fitbit cheap, but before a decision recalls the following aspects:

  • Comfort: any activity bracelet, either of the Fitbit brand or any other brand, has ensure total comfort during use, not assume any hassle for you during use. Comfort is a vital aspect.
  • Resistance: Although bracelets Fitbit is not precisely known for being very resistant to water, what is convenient when choosing an activity bracelet it is that it is not only waterproof, but will be submersible.
  • GPS: a bracelet of activity Fitbit possess GPS is without a doubt a great alternative that you should keep in mind, since this way you can follow multiple routes, know the distance traveled, and much more.
  • Heart rate monitor: The heart rate monitor is another key aspect to keep in mind, a key feature that will help control the heart rate and keep track of your heart rate. A very useful and recommendable function for your bracelet.
  • Design: As a general rule, activity of the Fitbit brand bracelets are characterized by modern, elegant, fine, stylish, and very good finishes, therefore are presented as a perfect device to use both when you do sport as when out walking with friends.
  • Screen: the screen must ensure great sharpness and clarity, allowing that you can read without problems, clear letters that can be read under any climatic condition.
  • Functions: as it is obvious, the functions that your bracelet is one of the most important aspects to take into account. Analyzes what are its functions and if the bracelet is perfectly suited to your needs.
  • Battery: the battery life is presented as others of the most relevant points to consider. It is choose a wristband that will ensure at least 4-5 days duration, although this will depend on the more or less intense use of this device.

If you love the sport and you like taking care of you, have a cheap Fitbit bracelet that will help you to control and follow-up of your workouts can help you to get ahead and improve considerably. Get your bracelet Fitbit!
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