The Best Bra for Your Breasts

Underwear, bras, respectively, are one of the best inventions for women. Perhaps every woman realizes how necessary a great bra. Most women today can not imagine that this piece was published without underwear. Right bra can create wonders and your breasts completely changed. Let’s look together at the types of bras that offer today’s fashion and what breasts are different bras are recommended.


Who knew push-upku !? Among women, they are among the most popular and no wonder. These bras can lift the breasts beautifully, creating lush and firm chest, thus greatly increase women confidence. Optically enlarge bust and for larger breasts desires many women. Push up bras obtained resultant impression because they are provided with removable pads, either on a substance, a gel or silicon. These bras are best for women who have breast smaller with cups A, B according to Elishui.


Typical for this bra straps are adjustable. You can wear a bra in four ways namely classic, back crossed, neck, or completely strapless. Such a bra you wear a corset or a tunic with one bare shoulder. In the summer, surely one of the favorite pieces of clothing vests with enough sidecut rear portion around the blades. Under such ideal is to take the multifunction bra straps cross at the back. So you do not hangers vests stick it out. The bra is suitable for women who own cup sizes A, B, C.


Cups are a bit more punched, the so-called. The balcony cut. Solidifies breasts are reinforced and can be worn strapless. Perfect for brides on the wedding, they plan corset dress. Again, they are more suitable for smaller breasts, therefore, B.

Thigh – invisible

Invisible bra can wear to any outfit, and especially where the fit to choose a classic bra. It is skin-colored and therefore not visible at all. These invisible brassieres are usually made from medical grade silicone, and hence can stick to the breast, and can actually increase the number of one or two numbers. They can be worn strapless, they are self-holding. Suitable for women with breast sizes A to D.


Sports bra women certainly appreciate that it is not in any way restrict the sport. For these purposes they are made special and those that are completely soft, not reinforced and without bone. Usually a sports bra flat seams so that jostled, but it is a solid material. The straps are wider, under the breasts and the rubber material itself is breathable, absorbent and quick drying. They can be worn all women, regardless of size.