The Best Battery for Smartphone


It is important to know two things before thinking about the size of batteries telephone.

  • The accessibility: More and more terminals see the batteries built into their intestines and are impossible to change yourself. In terms of design, it’s a shell with “unibody” often very successful, but in case of failure, it is essential to go through the service box, at its expense. This is the case of the iPhone, of products HTC or certain smartphones LG. Even Samsung recently decided to make it inaccessible, since the S6 Galaxy. On this point, the LG G5 gets out of play. Thanks to its modular system, it is possible to replace the battery in seconds, as if one replaced the magazine of a pistol.
  • Lifetime: the batteries are not immortal, far from it. They are given for a certain amount of recharge cycles. After this number, capacity is reduced and reached 80% of initial performance, the change is not a luxury. Find tips for extending battery life on internetdict.

On this point, it is possible to influence by taking care of its batteries.

Fortunately, the capabilities are increasingly important, which slightly offsets the problem in the long term. The smartphones upscale range between 2000 and 3000 mAh or even more in some smartphones from LG or Sony for example.

Again, the iPhone 6S is a little apart, since with only 1715 mAh on the data sheet, the battery does not promise miracles. In fact, it is actually rather feeble to the point that the greediest will walk around with an external battery on them constantly.