The Bathroom View By Tony Lincoln

Prcctical and functional, the bathroom is the most intimate piece of housing but yet must be able to be used by everyone. The Decorator Tony Lemâle explains how to succeed its development through several projects conducted by his agency.

The ideal bathroom

Decorator and interior designer, Tony Lincoln has a course for the less atypical. First seller, then in charge of the event communication at Habitat, he founded his own agency in decoration, almost 10 years ago. With individuals as well as businesses, his approach remains the same: provide a framework of life and work which really corresponds to its customers.Follower of the Feng Shui philosophy, he gives us today his vision of the bathroom by illustrating his speech with a few projects carried out by his agency.

Tony Lincoln: ” the bathroom is a particularly complicated piece that necessarily poses a lot of questions. The first of them is to know how many people will use it. Because although the most intimate area of the House, it often happens that the whole family is there. Therefore, begin by identifying the profile and needs of each user. If it is a bathroom used by children, should not hesitate to adapt the furniture. There would thus be a sink that we’ll go back later.

He must then answer a myriad of subsidiary issues. This is what we want a shower or a bathtub, or both? Is what we want a one or two basins? We’re planning to store in this room? We this is makeup? What place provide for hygiene products? Many small issues that will mark out the choice of facilities.

He must also pay close attention to the size of the owners, including for the height of the sinks and toilet plans but also for the bathtub. Besides, I always encourage my clients to lie in the tubs directly in the store, to make sure that the model suits them!

For storage, there will be as well towels as hygiene products, but sometimes also the washing machine, a space to hang laundry, as well as one or two baskets to store when it is dirty.Personally, I tend to provide plenty of storage and put away anything that can be. Since it is a room where there is dust and steam, it is better to avoid the baskets and prefer them drawers to really put things away.

Must everything be ergonomic and easy access to facilitate the awakening. That’s why colors and walls or floor coatings are also very important. For example I will never choose red as should not be too aggressive, and if we choose pebbles on the ground, we must remember to feel them every morning for a long time, even if we add a rug. That’s why to be always addressed to the more sober, especially in this room.

Last point, the valves also counts a lot because it influences the management of water.Choose a good shower head sometimes costs €100 more expensive to purchase but pays for itself quickly by its lower water consumption. We often forget such things, but the environmental impact remains important, especially in this room.

In addition to this, it takes the tiling, plumbing, radiators and heat them up towels. It is true that a good bathroom is expensive, around €1900 / m2, but we must also understand that in terms of comfort and sustainability, it is important to pay the price. With two more pipes, we avoid that one who takes a shower has cold water if another makes a bath at the same time. »

A bathroom to the redesigned plan

Anylistintheus: “we are here in an apartment of a building from the 1960s which we have completely redesigned.» This bathroom very clean, almost clinical, is exactly what the owners wanted. His style is perfectly consistent with the rest of the apartment. The mirror is the only kind of personal element of this piece which the decoration is reduced to a minimum. We chose a very large basin for greater comfort. If the storage are many, they are however all masking to combine discretion and functionality»

A bathroom in a Parisian duplex

Tony Lincoln: “This bathroom is fitted under the roof, at the first level of a small duplex in the capital. We managed to install a small shower cabin in a corner without putting any door. Sakke of bath is thus open to the bedroom we have run the same parquet on any level after calling anti-moisture. The small right door that overlooks a toilet is a large mirror that allows to enlarge the space, just like the one at the top of the bowl and going up to the ceiling. »

A bathroom as a luxury suite

Tony Lincoln: “This bathroom is a little madness, a sort of dream rose because the client, a single woman, wanted a bathroom of star. She had the means and so we could play the game at bottom. Bath with light therapy, Starck shower cabin, it’s a universe very offbeat, in perfect correspondence with the adjoining room. All the elements were worked on in great detail to create a continuity, as in a hotel suite five star. Paintings, furniture, graphic wallpaper, fixtures and technological items specially selected make live this exceptional space. »

A bathroom for children

Tony Lincoln: “a bathroom for children must be a pedagogical space where they learn to wash themselves, to speak. In it, we tried to simplify things to fit their needs. We worked the heights with a little lower than normal furniture. The bath, basin and storage are so readily available. We could be in a bathroom of adults but we chose a little funny electric tones and we had some rather playful graphic elements to compose an atmosphere that they like it. »