The Bags That Light up Inside

We women are a force of nature: we can do a thousand things at once, we face our daily tasks with great energy and nothing scares us, but if there’s one thing that we just can not do, is to open our bag and find the first try what we’re looking for.

We are capable of spending hours in a desperate search of car keys or mobile phone that keeps ringing, but there is little you can do: you can not succeed on the first try.
Today, fortunately, we they think the bags with LED light to solve what is one of the most common problems of us women.

What is it? Of bags equipped with a beam of light that illuminates the inside and so facilitates the search of the objects. Many models have also a charger that allows you to charge your phone and other electronic devices at any time and this makes them the ideal handbags that any woman would want to have!

Let’s find out some of the most interesting from!

The L’AND Emotion Design bags

The designer handbags The ED Emotion Design born from the creative idea of a young Roman designer. They are equipped with a LED light that illuminates the interior of the bag and a USB connection that can be used to charge electronic devices.

Are part of this line, already on sale on the official website of the brand , handbags, backpacks and clutch declined in a wide variety of patterns and colors.

The Leoht bags

Born from the union of fashion and technology also grants signed Leoht. It is 4 hand bags minimal design that present internal and external LEDs, a battery and a USB port for charging smartphones and tablets. You can order online on the website of the brand .

The LoveB bags

For lovers of vintage style, here are the bags with the proposed LED light from the Apulian brand LoveB that produced three models equipped with a beam of light that lights up when it’s dark and a charger to recharge electronic devices. The bags when you can not buy online, but you can ask for more information here .

Backpack GO LED BAG

Perfect for sports, backpack designed by GO BAG LED that allows you to train safely. This backpack is equipped with LED light, a battery that lasts 40 hours and a USB connection. Again, there is not much information on pricing and availability, but to know more you can take a look at the official website .