The Back of the Hoop Earrings

If you have a classic that I’m a fan is a good and nice pair of hoop earrings. Since the year 2000, we see the women of hip-hop with giant rings singing their raps and bossing rhymes. This is because it was in American ghettos that girls of hip-hop movement started to use constantly this accessory.

Celebs of the year 00 as: J-Lo, Nelly Furtado and Gwen Stefani, no open hand to use in their looks a big hoop brincão.
As fashion’s cycle, everything that was fashion back or go back to be trend again. With the hoop earrings is not being different, the accessory comes with all this season and the best, has several types of size, color and style—that is, SERVES for ANY WOMAN.

1. Large Rings:

Are the most fashionistas for being in line classic maxi. The big golden or silver rings have become a must-have (must have!) this season. If you have the guts to play, this is the time!
Besides giving an air of diva, is modern, sexy and dispensing other accessory. Less is more, so let the most for the rings, ok?
JESS’S TIP: Bet On Equation: Maxi Rings + Mouth With Lipstick Strong=DIVA

2. Shiny Rings And Textures:

If you already think beautiful the simpler rings, how about playing in those that have more details?
The earrings with more sparkles and details require a look more glamorous and so, an environment for this sort of combination according to
Weddings, graduations and important meetings are special places for this kind of accessory.
JESS’S TIP: To Rock In Winter, If You Play In The Famous Little Black Dress And Shiny Rings Or Precious Stones. Total Luxury!

3. Discrete Rings:

This type of ring can be confused with rings more simple, but it’s not that simple. The discrete rings tend to be medium in size and thin.
For not having details, can be used both in day and in night and also in fancy occasions or even day-to-day. Are my favorites!
JESS’S TIP: White Shirt+Jeans+Sneaker+Thin Rings=READY For Life!

4.Small Rings:

The smaller rings are beginning to be used by women when our moms let us take more chances in larger earrings. Therefore, these types of rings lend an air of Missy and joviality to look.
In addition, the argolinhas has several smaller sizes, such as Lauren Conrad (right), until a big boy like Annasophia Robb (left). Also has the most elaborate, studded, textured, i.e. for all tastes.
TIP: Stylized JESS Small Rings And With Stones Is Ryqueza And At The Same Time. Bet On It With Prisoners, Such As Hairstyles Coke!