The Advertising Man

Whether or not you accompany the Mad Men series, I’ll let you know that the style of the series and the cast are invading the gringo side. I confess that I am extremely fascinated with the series, not only by the writing that to me it seems a novel by Tolstoy, but by the impeccable costumes of all the characters. Set in an agency in the early’60s, Mad Men rescues that climate of politically incorrectof the time … drink, smoke and lots of sex. But if you’re a smart guy, you’ll be able to read between the lines that this show goes far beyond that and brings us the psychological side of each character in a way we’ve never seen on TV. I do not want to talk too much about the show so it does not spoil it for those who have not seen it yet … but I promise you it’s worth it. If that is not enough for you to keep up with here are the biggest influences in fashion that the men of the 1960s propaganda have rocked!

The jacket is typical of this period, having only two buttons. However, it is possible to order it a little more fair. Classic style with square pocket, cufflinks, suit, ties, cool colors and hair with gel. Very elegant and seductive man. Of course if you have never worn a suit in life there are substitutes that can also make the style. Look for pants that fit more tightly to the body, no skinny jeans … just do not shorts!

The masculine elegance is not built on the ephemeral and sandy terrain of brands, brands and designers. It builds on the experienced, almost anonymous work of creativity, behavior and good taste. Get inspired in these costume tips and sweep …

Here are some examples of clothing that bring the air of the 60s but without going much beyond the basics and easy to combine. The cardigan is an important piece in your wardrobe, even combining with jeans. You can wear a tie or not, and a plaid shirt also looks great. Every girlfriend loves this piece … comfortable and leaves the man well dressed. Need anything else?!

If you already like a more elaborate style bet on blazer ice colors, striped that look great with any shirt, and jackets can also be used with or without a tie. The blazer is a younger adaptation of the jacket and is also an essential piece, can be used with any type of pants however the colors are not very out of order. The short pants also look good with the blazer, or in the style of folded pants that in my opinion depends a lot on your behavior. Remember cold colors are always the best option when in doubt.

And of course, the Hollywood costume. The thin tie is always stylish, it leaves you slimmer and elegant. And for you to know: simple two-button button-down suits are the suits of the moment. And even if they were not, it is the suit to choose because they dress well almost all physical types, if not all. For example, underage people should adopt it because it is the suit that best suits them. And even those who are bigger and usually get better with one of three buttons, will not make ugly not with those of two. Beyond that it is timeless, a classic indeed. The two-button gives a more relaxed air,younger. The three-button one adds a classic look. Among the three buttons a rule can be established: never button the last button, no matter what type of suit you are wearing. And there is also the jacket (last photo): it has a diversity of elements arranged vertically and horizontally, as the buttons in greater number, besides the wider and apparent lapel. The flaps on the side pockets, elegant and discreet. Looks great on leaner, taller men.