The 7 Best Mobile Apps For You To Organize Your Wedding

The applications mobile is already a hit among all people and the whole world already surrendered to them. And it’s understandable because they really make it easier for people to live, right?

Now try to imagine all the features of these 100% wedding-oriented applications, helping you to organize the whole ceremony and party more easily. Sounds like a dream right? But it’s real! And I’ll show you. Here are seven mobile apps for you to organize your wedding!

1 – Diary Of Marriage

This is a complete application . According to bestitude, It has functionalities that help in organizing the ceremony and reception. It opens the fans of the bride and groom to know a list of suppliers of various services. Among them are churches, buffets and dress shops.

And parallel to all this, it is possible to organize the delivery of the invitations and even the bureaucracy of documentation in the notary’s office. Actually the help given by it is very great! And the best news is that the app is free and can be found on the Apple Store.

2 – Wedding Dress Look Book By The Knot

Anyone who has ever had to rent or buy a wedding dress knows how difficult this is. Even more knowing that the months before marriage are quite turbulent! With this application Wedding Dress Look Book by The Knot, you have the possibility to know several models of wedding dresses, make price comparisons and also post them on social networks so your friends can see and give opinions.

For a better experience of use, the bride should put her measurements and express her preferences. It is also free and available to iOS and Android users.

3 – Wedding Party

What is the right amount of food to be served to a certain number of guests? How to do not to miss food but also not to waste? Difficult right? Not with the help of the Wedding Party!

This mobile app helps you make the exact calculations of what you actually need. All very simple and easy. The app is available for Android.

4 – Marieé

This is a complete application for you to manage the entire organization of your wedding, from the preparations, through the guest list to the general budget. Just imagine how wonderful! It is free and available from the Apple Store.

5 – Wedding Plandroid

For those looking for a mobile application to organize the wedding, the Wedding Plandroid is indispensable! He is very similar to Mariee, but is even more complete. In addition to the features that the previous one has, it still allows you to create a telephone list of the suppliers to facilitate the contact with them.

6 – Dressed To Get Married

The Dressed for Marriage application is the perfect ally for you to execute your “wedding plan” completely. Here’s what you can do with it:

– Make the actual management of all the activities you need to do for the wedding organization.

– Organize and maintain all necessary contacts for the preparation of your marriage.

– Create and maintain a guest list, updating it whenever you want.

– Store the data of all your suppliers.

– Include godparents, girls and pages in order to store the data of each.

7 – Casamentos.Com.Br

This app does 1001 things for you! It is possible to organize your wedding wherever you want. Some of her main functions are: organizing your guest list, you have the option of finding your ideal dress in the catalog, you can ask other couples for advice on tips in the preparations in addition to finding the suppliers for your wedding. Is not it the maximum?