The 7 Best Apps For The Apple Pencil

The Apple pencil was presented with the large iPad Pro from last year. Now some apps highlighted in the app store is by their quality. that we imagine.

The Apple pencil is the answer Apple’s products from Wacom or the surface area tool from Microsoft. Not only the larger iPad Pro, but the recently introduced, smaller iPad Pro (we reported) is compatible. We imagine the seven best apps that promise a great productivity with the Apple pencil.


Pigment is a coloring book, which is suitable not only for children but also for adults. On the large iPad Pro, it makes the corresponding drawings with color to fill in all the more enjoyable with the Apple pencil.This one has eight different tools available and can be accessed on more than 350 drawings. The color palette provides the imagination free rein and the coloring is a nice change of pace for everyone. The only drawback is the price: after one 7 day trial period you must opt for a weekly, monthly or annual subscription, which seems pretty steep for the normal user. The app is available for iPhone and iPad.


With uMake it gets a strong companion when one deals with 3D design. You get to draw the possibility on 2D in a 3D space, so that you can give free rein to his creativity. So detailed drawings make with the help of the Apple pencil is, which can be also easy to export. The one dough er version is free, but limited in its functionality. For €13 a month, you get all possible functions. Sounds a lot, but it is an acceptable price for the functionality that you get.


The app paper, which allows you comes your thoughts in the form of photos, to hold drawings from the company FiftyThree. The app is known for a long time, and even Apple has been awarded “App of the Year”. These can then exported as PDF, PowerPoint or keynote be. Support for the Apple pencil allows, for example, more accurate writing with the calligraphy pen or the brush. The simple parts of the generated graphics in the community of fifty three (called mix) is also possible. The special thing about this app is that the app is free and includes also any fee-based in-app purchases.

Adobe Photoshop sketch

Adobe should be a term for everyone. There is also an app which is perfect drawing and painting with the help of tools in the full app range. Here you have access to 13 different utensils, such as a pen or a watercolor brush, which is coming with a lot of options. The winning images can be sent easily to Adobe Photoshop CC, to perform other edits. By Adobe Creative cloud they have access everywhere to their drawings (for a fee). The pencil again here ensures a precise work and eliminates the need for other pins.If you look at the Adobe suite apps, you can cover with remaining apps theoretically all wishes, these cost but accordingly.

Microsoft OneNote

Microsoft has provided for the competition also apps that act extremely well with the Apple pencil. With OneNote you can get the best app in my opinion, to make notes, to make sketches or just embed photos in texts. It has its own notebook at hand, which is always synchronized with other devices thanks to OneDrive. You get also the ability in groups and joint projects to edit to work. The app has tremendously helped me in studying, organizing my notes, as well as gather information. It is a must in terms of productivity and is completed by the Apple pencil.

Zen brush 2

Zen brush can discover Asian calligraphy for themselves and wield the brush to paint like a Zen master. It is also this app from the Apple pencil and benefits from its precision. The cool effects produced with the help of different brushes can be combined with different backgrounds, so that it produces stunning images, which can be also exported and printed in high quality. For the price of €2.99, you can access all settings and also on the iPhone trying to draw, where the 6s / 6 S plus models 3D-Touch is supported.


It should be remembered also procreate in this list, which is highly valued in many illustrators as not only many tools are offered, you can save ultra high resolution images and export. Not for nothing, the app was winner of the Apple Design Awards and belongs to the “app store Essentials”. It is also interesting that you will be able to record the drawing and as video can share with friends and family. Certainly some tutorials, which are available on YouTube, to get you started are helpful for beginners. For a price of €5.99 to get all functions and must bind to no Abomodell.