The 11 Benefits of Going to Therapy (Without Being Crazy)

Sometimes I’m amazed of how much has advanced our society in recent decades, and others, however, I can believe it anchored we follow in certain prejudices. Because, we can say the opposite, but in certain areas It is still very different saying «this afternoon am going to dentist» that «this afternoon going to a psychiatrist/psychologist».

We all want to be happy. It is something so obvious that gives me shame to write it. Something as simple as a few sessions of therapy can make a difference. So, let’s take a look at the Eleven benefits of going to therapy.

It tries the problems until they have no solution

What was said. More or less all assume the need to go to a psychiatrist or psychologist when a serious problem arises. Come on, just as we do with all the doctors, isn’t it? We are going to the dentist when toothache has been months going crazy; We are going to the ophthalmologist when we stumbled a lamppost for the eighth time because we don’t see anything; Let’s primary care physician after weeks with the high fever and tonsils as fists. Isn’t it? We do it before reaching these extremes, isn’t it? Because it is high time to do the same thing with the ills that plague us mind.

Apply what you know about prevention

The medical class has spent years putting all its effort of disclosure in the prevention. If we like to take care of ourselves or, simply, if we are responsible for our health we landed each year to medical check-ups complete analytical, gynecological, dental, etc. why not ask one psychiatric or psychological review?

You sleep better

The time to sleep It is the favorite time of our ghosts to appear. We Park the excuses. No more «always cost me sleep» or «also happens to my mother». If insomnia us bitter night (and, indeed, the next day), better it to search causes and solutions.

Go to eager to work

The world of work is land paid for the emotional imbalances. The stress, the self-reliance, problems with coworkers, mobbing… If every morning when the alarm clock rings, would you give anything by not going to work; If the evening of Sunday to come down because the last thing you want is to start the week… stop thinking that everyone passes you and ask for help.

Studying without problems

If the job is one of the major workhorses of adults, studies are children and adolescents. The learning disorders they still have a certain halo of science fiction. We tend to fall into clichés about discipline, rather than strive to detect in time a learning disability that can make the difference between a teenager marked by the scholastic failure, and its consequent social stigma, and one made person.

It brings out the best of the life of couple

Yet there are few the couples that you come to the consultation of the psychiatrist or psychologist when there are problems. In the best of cases, marital therapy is usually a last resort before launching to arrange divorce. Get to know us as a couple, and learn to identify the problems that threaten our stability You can avoid big trouble later.

Leave of resign yourself

All consider ourselves some experts in us psychoanalysis. We put tags and does not differentiate between a trait and a problem. If someone is considered, for example, “a little crybaby” because always escapes the tear with films of love, I do not think there is a problem. But if you recognize cry every night without knowing the reason sometimes, should try to fix it?

Defeat fear

Everyone is afraid of something. In fact, I think we all share a series of inevitable fears: the death of someone who we want, disease, lose our job or own uncertainty about the future. It is normal. The important thing really is get ahead Despite the fears. Some may seem ridiculous to who do not suffer from them. Others may condition completely the life of those who suffer them. But everyone, absolutely everyone, go to improve with help.

To love you more

The interaction between mind and body It is a way of return. It is very difficult to maintain the emotional strength when physical health is complicated. The same goes in the opposite direction. Many emotional ailments directly affect our body and will gradually undermining. From the disorders that can cause us insomnia to the very serious consequences that can have eating disorders or addictions… There is no excuse for not curb them.

Don’t let pain you paralyze

Trauma there are many and very different types. We tend to justify some and trivializing others. But, if something haunts us all, if it is on our minds 24 hours a day and doesn’t let us move, It is time to ask for help. And no, not everything is solved with a talk between reeds with friends. If we ask for professional help and managed to learn to live with what hurts, We have the way paved for a life better.

Make the most of life

Yes, this might also sound a cliché. And still more if I add that life there is more than one. So maybe it is a stereotype, but it is also a reality. As natural to assume our own unhappiness is the most damage we can inflict us. The answer may be in the professional help, and we will be wasting valuable time if we do not dare to look for it. No one is going to return the bad days; Let those who come are best.

We have spoken of eleven benefits of going to therapy. Sure there are many more. We all know our weaknesses. Almost all have gone through periods of nerves or downturn. Why assume that they have no solution? Why not make an appointment and let a professional to guide us in the search for solutions? All are specialists in procrastination, but there is something that we don’t have an excuse to postpone: the pursuit of happiness.