Tete Basus Shirt

Since 2010, the Basus successful brand, the Parisian brand workshops are in quality and the subtle. Basus is modern and in line with the men of our time: minimalist, details and elegance are covered. Between fancy and consideration of retail, Basus emerged as a style fresh and new to adopt emergency and makes irresistible man.


In addition, if the detail to the importance, the quality of the textile is paramount and best knitters develop a special relationship the Basus brand. Exclusive knitwear in Egyptian cotton jersey is probably the lighthouse of the Basus success criterion. The fallen clothes is impeccable, the man earns in distinction, trust in him and in comfort.

Basus Tété By

Basus is a brand of shirt which was in need of a model, the founders turned to Tete singer known in France obviously for his music, but also his show youtube on the meaning of tattoos ” Tattoo by Tete.”Intergenerational he seemed perfectly match the Basus brand codes. Elegant, dynamic and stylish, Tete represents the young generation has the assured and controlled look. Tete is needed to associate the brand with a look chic scarf for next season fall-winter.

The shirt is back, as well as A2zdirectory drew the pattern of the fabric that appears at the top of the pass. The symbol is the nautical star dear to the singer. Tete door shirt in black for a sobriety and elegance without flaw. The material on this model is cotton Poplin which gives a perfect fall, you can wear the shirt outside where inside of the pants. The nautical star was not chosen by chance, it symbolizes the source of light and hope. Widely used in the world of tattoo, nautical star guides and allows to find his way.
The stylist tried a fitted for a chic finish that allows to highlight the male body. We appreciate the little detail of the Pocket in front with cutting and any apparent reason, taking up one on the neck. Black brings out the pattern of the nautical star, this exclusive design is tinted blue, Navy, beige and black. colors perfectly marrying any other shades.