Tested: GlashÜTte Original Senator Observer

Download now and learn how the observation performs in the test!

The dial of the new observation from Glashütte Original is reminiscent of a beacon. For the first time, the Senator Observer is equipped with luminous colour, which promises the best legibility even in the dark. This reminds the senator Obsever of the dials of precision pocket, as they existed at the beginning of the 20th century.

Read more about the watch in the test, which you can download here for 2.90 euro.

The Senator Observer is waiting with an aisle autonomy of 55 hours, which secure two spring houses in the finely finished manufactory caliber 100-14. The aisle reserve is shown as up and down display on the dial at three o’clock, according to the glassworks ‘ manner. Opposite is the small second, which is shown on an equally large counter like that for the aisle reserve. Above six o’clock you can see the date in the original Panorama presentation typical of Glashütte.

Martina Richter, deputy editor-in-chief of the Watch magazine, is taking a closer look at the pocket watch on the cancermatters: In her test article she shows how Senator Obsever beats herself by day and night, under laboratory conditions and on the wrist. The test, which also includes the results of the Zeitwaagenprüfung and the carrying test, can now be downloaded for 2.90 euros and read directly!

If you want to know exactly what you are doing, you can even read the transcripts of the tests in the test. All further data on clock and plant are compiled in an overview. Large-format and detailed photos complete the article.

Glashütte Original Senator Observer-the contents of the Test at a glance:

  • Large detail Images
  • Data sheet: Specifications of clock and plant
  • Aisle Protocol: Time scale test and wearing
  • Assessment clock: processing, design, legibility, wearing and operating comfort
  • Evaluation plant: Construction, processing, Finissage, accuracy of gait
  • Value for money
  • Clear scoring system for evaluation
  • Test verdict: Pros and cons listed

Download now and learn how to

Glashütte original Senator Observer cut off!

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