Test Duvet Blue Kazoo

Always in search of the best quality / price for sleeping bags to sleep without trying the winter in our mountains, today I’m interested in a well-known fluff that comes from living a transformation. The North Face wanted a new Blue Kazoo lighter and less conducive to compression on sensitive areas. Let’s see what happens after a first battery of tests without winter bivouac tent or outer bag.

Recommended comfort temperatures: -2 to-9 ° C limit according to European standard EN13537. T ° extreme: -27 ° C.
Sizes and dimensions: Regular 198cm (for person measuring up to 183cm). Shoulder circumference: 162cm (198)
Weight: 1190g (198cm)
Filling: Down of gray geese in thoughtfulness of family Hungarian high quality farms. Ratio down / feathers: (90-10). Filling power 650+. Load Down 610g (for 213cm); . 675g (for 228cm)
Construction: trapezoidal partitioning for a perfect distribution of the down (elimination of cold bridges). Synthetic fiber panels Climashield ® prism on highly compressed zones (head, torso and feet), fighting soil moisture and increasing the thermal efficiency of 13%. The issue is discussed in the feet (Vaulted footbox) provides superior comfort (greater freedom of movement), but also to eliminate the empty space and thus keep feet warm.
Shell: ripstop nylon 382T 22D. 38g / m 2 . Water repellent and breathable
Cloth: Nylon Taffeta 296T 30D, 47g / m 2 . Breathing.
Closing: zipper along the entire length with luminescent tip, flap anti-cold and anti-lock system.
Hood: Ergonomic hood to the studied form that offers reduced weight and volume without touching the insulating performance and comfort.

-Flanges anti-cold.
-Pocket watch or contact lenses.
-Comes with easily locatable compression bag in the backpack (uncompressed 16.5x53cm) and storage bag.

According to iamaccepted, the Blue Kazoo sleeping bag has been completely reworked, he returns with a more technical architecture, more space for the feet, a goose down going from 600 to 650 cu and adding synthetic fibers. The new Blue Kazoo is lighter: from 1253g to 1140g in Regular (data manufacturer).

For a weight of 1200g (1360g with compression sack 213cm, on my scale), this sleeping bag is a freshly revamped candidate for the bivouac 3/4 seasons.