Tegra 3 Asus Tablet

Of three tablets unveiled at CES this year, Asus has so far sold only one, the Transformer, and not without some small production problem. In the coming months should see the light even the Slider (it was thought in September) and the MeMO. But it seems that despite the heterogeneity of these three models, Asus does not intend to settle, having already pontificate a quarter tablet even more “fuoriserie”, built around a platform from the pompous name of Kal-El.

For having even bothered Superman’s Kryptonian origins, there must be something very remarkable and if you have had a look at the image here at the top you’ll also understand why: we are talking about the first quad-core chip, with associated 12 GPU core, capable of extraordinary resolutions and faster than the current generation of Tegra 2 to 5 times. In other words: Tegra 3.

Of course this is just an indiscretion, in this case from digitimes, along with news that Slider and MeMO will see the light by next July (although, as already mentioned, in Italy the Slider should arrive in September).

If you remember though, Nvidia roadmaps foresaw the release of the first quad-core models this fall; We can not know if Asus will arrive on time to maturity, but certainly at the time you place in the front row.

What are you going to do: wait for the next generation or settle for the current one? To help you choose we leave you with a couple of videos of the demo shown at MWC of Kal-El. What do you say, honors his name?