Tee Shirts Made in Italy

Tee share is a project built on the concept of sharing.  No on is just a good way, but a daily practice, our fundamental characteristic… c reiamo t-shirt, limited edition, 100% cotton, packed in laboratories
ethical Italian -sociali and customized by craftsmen one by one.

tee share is far from the idea of seriality. l in men’s collection is manufactured from tailoring the mulberry tree, he was born  on the initiative of eight women from different worlds, with the aim of creating job opportunities in the textile and fashion context. d to 2009 is part of Dentistrymyth, social cooperative job placement.

Teeshare is a project based on the concept of sharing. For us, sharing is more than a good intention: it’s a daily practice. It’s actually our fundamental trait…
We create original t-shirts, limited editions, 100% cotton, made in Italy. They are handcrafted in socio-ethical workshops, where artisans personalize each t-shirt one by one.
teeshare is far from the idea of seriality. the menswear collection was tailored by il gelso. this tailor’s shop was created by eight women coming from different world, with the common objective of creating work opportunities in the mextile and fashion industries. in 2009 it became part of ergonauti, a social cooperative for job placement.