Team Meat Drops Traces The Arrival of Super Meat Boy to Android

If seguisteais panorama d elos independent video game back in the year 2010, at the end of the year a game platform with one of the higher difficulties and therefore a challenge to all who fly to complete the game. The game also featured numerous cameos from various games on the independent scene as characters with abilities extra. Surely you have guessed it, it is of Super Meat Boy.

Devised as one of the most difficult games for all who play, has marked a before and an after in the panorama of the indie games showing that a game may be simple, difficult and excellent at the same time. His team, Team Meat, has not yet done a game apart from this, but it seems that they do not want the franchise to fall into oblivion, or so it can be removed from your account in Formspring

Edmun McMiller, one of two developers and designer, has been active in her Formspring account, responding to questions about his future plans for the game.

Yes. If it goes you will arrive at the same time to all. I like more Android to iOS

However, it contradicts statements that launched by the year 2010 on the output of this on iPhone

I do not intend to ever do anything for iPhone or iPad. I hate the platform and I hate the store

Even so, in the event that the game out, surely would be a successful much like he had on Xbox 360 and PC, receiving numerous awards, rating it as one of the best games of the year.